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Objective: answer 7 questions correctly.

1. WARM-UP: Name three Apostles (1st 3 books in the New Testament)

Moe, Larry and Curly  <<3 Stooges
Hosea, Isaiah and Micah  <<Minor Prophets
Matthew, Mark, and Luke  <<Correct answer
Shem, Ham and Japeth  <<Noah's sons

2. Moses lead God's people out of Egypt and parted what first body of water? (Exodus 13:18 & 14:16)

Pacific Ocean  <<Wrong geographical locations
Gulf of Mexico 
Atlantic Ocean
Red Sea  <<Correct answer

3. Anyone who believes in Jesus will have? (John 3:16)

The Y2K bug  <<Jesus never mentioned
Eternal life  <<Correct answer
No further studying  <<If you got this, you better get crack'in
to be changed to a Jew  <<Not even

4. Jesus changed Simons name to Cephas, translated means? (John 1:42)

Simon  <<Changed his name to the same name? Come on!
Peter  <<Correct answer
Eusebuis  <<Old Testament 

5. Many tried to seize Jesus preaching in the Temple and were? (John 7:30)

Thrown out with the money changers  <<No that never happened
Successful many times  <<They couldn't get near Him
Told by the Romans not to enter  <<Romans were afraid to interfere in occupied territories religion
Held frozen, unable to move because it was not yet His time.  <<Correct Answer, He showed them!

6. Anyone who adds to this book or takes away from it refers to what in Revelations? (Revelations 22:19)

Only the Old Testament
Only the New Testament
Only the book of Revelations  <<Correct answer since this book was kept separate, originally placed in the middle of the Bible, not the end book. 
All of the above

7. Adam and Eve had how many daughters? (Genesis 5:4)

Fifteen daughters in the 900 years Adam lived  <<Was going to try for 50 but that would be too easy
Seven sons and seven daughters  <<Might have fooled you
Many daughters but the amount was not specified  <<Correct answer
They had no daughters only sons  <<You never read Genesis

8. The number 666 will be? (Revelations 13:16)

Under their hair  <<Too much TV
On their forehead  <<You do not have a correct translation
In their forehead  <<Correct answer in the True Word of God, as meaning doing the work of the devil.
A number under the skin  <<Way too much TV

9. The Lord of Hosts will put the key to the House of David to? (Isaiah 22:22)

Satan  <<Might have if not for the sin of pride in the first earth age
Gabriel  <<An Arch Angle
Peter  <<An Apostle who received the Keys from Jesus, actually a correct answer in a sense.
Jesus  <<Correct answer since He was being specific as to His Son

10. What is the translation of speaking in "Tongues"?" (Acts 2:6)

Each one hearing them speak in their own language. <<Correct answer including the dialect of their region
A hymn of Holiness  <<You haven't been reading
An unknown tongue only the Angles and God understands  <<You been listening to a false teacher.
A similar language to ancient Greek spoken before the tower of Babel.  <<No not even

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