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Objective: answer 7 questions correctly.

1. WARM-UP: Peter, Paul and Mary are...

Found in the Bible  <<Yes their names are their
60`s folk singers  <<"If I had a Hammer", one of their many folk songs
Found in the New Testament  <<Of coures
All of the above  <<Correct answer they are all right!

2. Concerning the tithes? (Luke)

Old Testament don't apply now  <<Reading chapter and verse from the OLD Testament, makes it part of the New
These things ye ought to have done  <<Correct answer since Jesus came not to change the law.
Don't cast pears before swine  <<This refers to people hearing the Word of God but ignoring it.
Can only be paid with cows and grain  <<Try diamonds and rubys!

3. What is one day to God? (ll Peter)

The first 1/2 of the Y2K bug  <<Where's your brain at?
A 24 hour period.  <<I should have put 48 hours and you would of got it wrong also
A 1000 years  <<Correct answer
A person from God  <<I don't even know what that means

4. Who survived the flood of Noah? (l Chronicles 2:55)

Nephelium  <<No the giants were what God wanted destroyed
Kenites  <<Correct answer the descendents of Cain, Ken means son of, and Cain, Abel's brother.
Adam and Eve  <<They died already
10 Adamic souls  <<8 Adamic souls not 10

5. "Prove me now herewith" Can anyone actually prove their is a God? (Minor Prophets)

No actual scientific proof exists  <<Then your a dummy
The proof of God is secret  <<I think it's everywhere, look at any thither.
Start paying tithes  <<Correct answer try Malachi to find the answer, chapter 3
Eat manna  <<Try cotton candy and it still won't prove God

6. Jesus shortened the reign of Anti-Christ to? (Revelations 9:5)

A long life  <<7 years in Daniel but that was shortened
Eternal life  <<Not hardly
A 5 month period  <<Correct answer otherwise the Very Elect would be deceived.
None of the above  <<You been in a closet

7. The 16 books of the Apocrypha were...

Canonized  <<Yes by all 7 Churches 33AD - 200AD
Excluded from the Jewish version the Masseur a  <<Were never in their.
We're taken out by the Puritans  <<Yeah around the 16th century
All of the above  <<Correct answer because they are all right.

8. What is the size of the Gods temple landing on Jerusalem? (Revelations)

144 miles square  <<Correct answer which is even higher than the 100+ mile space shuttle orbit.
Like the Tower of David's  <<Just to throw you off
We will rebuild it  <<Not this time
40 cubits high or 6 stories tall  <<This was the size of the first temple

9. "Eli,Eli, lama sabachthani?" My God, My God, why has thou forsaken me (Matthew 16:18)

Jesus began reading Psalms 22  <<Correct answer, this is the very first verse, read on the cross.
Is also found in Genesis  <<Genesis? No prize, you guessed.
Was spoken by Jesus many times  <<Nope, just that once unless he taught Psalms 22 in the Temple
God may have betrayed Jesus  <<Don't you believe it. God testified the Truth of Jesus.

10. "It is Finished" Jesus's words on the cross were? (Matthew)

Were spoken of by Daniel the Prophet  <<I thought this sounded good to confuse you.
Jesus ending the reading of Psalms 22  <<Correct answer, yes Jesus read the entire Psalm on the cross.
A signal to the Roman to throw the spear  <<They threw the spear in fear. They had to be sure of His death.
Not his last words  <<Yeah he said more, but after His resurrection.

I hope you enjoyed my bible quiz!
This will be an ongoing project of mine.

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