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Objective: answer 7 questions correctly.

1. WARM-UP: Jesus called the Pharisees and High Priests? (Luke)

Moe, Larry and Curly  <<Love them Stooges
Egg heads  <<Yeah he was out choking chickens.
Crack pots  <<Correct answer since he called them broken clay pots.
Bone heads  <<Them bones them bones them dry bones. Wrong story.

2. In Genesis 9:21 Ham saw the nakedness of his father Noah, meaning? (Leviticus 18:8)

Noah got drunk and took off his clothes  <<No! You were taught wrong, he never got naked.
They had to cover Ham with clothes  <<No! Noah's wife was his fathers nakedness, they just finished sex.
Ham slept with his fathers wife  <<Correct answer, to see your fathers nakedness is to sleep with your fathers wife.
He wasn't nude, just drunk  <<Just a lame partial answer

3. God spoke to Job from out of the whirlwind. The word whirlwind is a? (Job)

Paused hurricane  <<What is that? I never seen one.
Noun, ship or vehicle or material object  <<Correct answer, it is a noun or thing. Not a verb showing motion.
Adjective, conjunction or column of smoke  <<Your confusing Exodus
Verb, a whirling wind or mini tornado  <<What you first think because of the translators.

4. God formed "Thee Man, Adam" from the dust of the ground on what day? (Genesis 2:7)

5th day  <<No! the Chinese and the souls that eat from the sea are created. Look at their calendar.
6th day  <<All the other races were created
7th day  <<Switches from g to j manuscripts. God says He then rested, 3 x's for emphasis. In the first 3 verses of chapter 2.
8th day  <<Correct answer, after the 7th day of rest, there was no farmer. He formed Ha Adam, "Thee Man". SEE FOOTNOTE * [1]

5. In On the 40th day of Pentecost, before the Ascension into Heaven, the Apostles and Jesus? (John 21:9)

Were huddled in a secret room.  <<Wrong! This happened on the 1st and 2nd meeting, not the last.
Went to Rome with Peter.  << Wrong! Some of the Apostles went their on a later date.
Went to the Temple with thousands.  << Wrong! They were too afraid before the comforter came.
Were having a Bar-B-Q breakfast of fish and bread.  << Correct! Jesus had fish and bread over coals for breakfast with the Apostles.

6. Jesus tracing the lineage of some of the crowd, proclaimed their true father by seed as? ( John 8:44)

The devil  <<Correct answer their father is of the first murderer Cain and his father of lies, the devil.
Abraham  <<They were posing as Jews
Adam and Eve  <<Not even
The 6th day creation  <<No, since Adam and Eve were of the 8th day.

7. Which book of the bible contains the story of the Rapture?

Exodus pre tells of the Rapture Theory  <<No, not here
Mathew and Mark say we'll be Raptured in a cloud <<No, not here
Found throughout the New Testament as the Elect will Rapture out of the way of Anti-Christ <<No, not here
Rapture is not found anywhere in the Bible  <<Correct answer, not found anywhere. SEE FOOTNOTE * [2]

8. Cain took a wife from the land of Nod. She was a?

5th day creation  <<No she wasn't Chinese
6th day creation  <<Correct answer of the Mongolian area. SEE FOOTNOTE * [3]
7th day creation  <<No God rested
8th day creation  <<No, just Adams descendents

9. For the "Very Elect" left behind when the 2nd coming begins, God wish we would? (Luke 12:49)

Get the fire a little kindled for Him  <<Correct answer, he wants us to get the ball rolling.
We'll be taken away in the Rapture  <<If it's not in the Bible, how can it happen?
Come out of hiding from the 4 winds  <<Even I don't know what that means.
Have a big banquette started  <<Even vaguer

10. The tribulation of Anti-Christ?" (Matthew 24 Mark 13)

Must come first before the 2nd coming of Christ  <<He must come first.
Is the 6th vial the 6th seal the 6th trump  <<Yes this too!
Will be like the time of Noah, mating with fallen Angels  <<Of course
All of the above <<Correct answer

FOOTNOTE * [1] THERE WAS no one to plant from the soil or farm, so on the 8th day, he formed Thee Man, Ha Adam in the Ancient Hebrew. This is the first time THEE MAN is mentioned. So the genealogy from ADAM was formed from the dust of the ground on the 8th day, and this genealogy, is where Noah and Abraham and Jesus and America, Europe, Australia, Canada descendents came threw.
If you stick with g or j for both chapters, not KJV but Linear A where the King James got it from, you will boldly see God rested the next day from all his creation and the following day, created Adam & Eve. Science has already proven that the 64 billion DNA strains could not have come from ONLY 2 original people.

FOOTNOTE * [2] RAPTURE? You'll have to show me chapter and verse, it's not there. Never has been, never will. Get your stongs or any concordance out, and you'll see. As for the Rapture Theory, which the sick fevered woman (Mary McDonald) and the 2 preachers with her in the 1800's thought it was a good money making deal. She latter repented and said it was evil inspired to mislead ppl, but by that time, next 100 years, ppl loved misleading Gods children. No it's not there.

FOOTNOTE * [3] All the OTHER RACES were created on the 6th day. 5th day, all souls that eat from the sea, all the other races created on the 6th day. And God said, "It was VERY GOOD! On the 7th day He rested. looking over His creation on the 8th day, there was no farmers to plant and sow the field. So Ha Adam was FORMED from the clay on the 8th day. Get it? Back to Abraham, Isaiah, Noah, Jesus, planting in the field? get it? Read and know the parable of the fig tree for a better understanding.
The land of NOD traces back to Mongolia, I seriously doubt one of Adams daughters ran away there, and to who? What races besides the 5th or 6th day creation? And then he goes there too? Then to marry his sister? Come on? Cain is NOT listed as a decendant of ADAM. Why? He's not from ADAM!

I hope you enjoyed my bible quiz!
This will be an ongoing project of mine.
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