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Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. 

1. WARM-UP: Which is the true translation of, GIANTS, GIBER, NEPHILLIUM (Gen, Num, Judges)

Moe, Larry and Curly  <<Do you prefer Manny, Mo, and Jack?
big people, babys, and outcasts.  <<Actually, some people think this.
they all mean offspring of the fall'in angels, big giants   <<Correct answer
baseball players, baby food, and grass.  <<Take me out to the ball game!

2. The power to order evil spirits out, which includes all our enemies, (Luke 10:27)

can only be done by Priests and Prophets.  <<Yes, if they have Jesus Christ in them, but not only them.
can be done by anyone who believes on Jesus Christ.   <<Correct answer, we have power over ALL our enemies including evil spirits, and the power to order them out of our lives, now.
can never be done by humans, we must hide in caves.  <<I figure, the hiding in caves, gave this away! Were to be see as light!
can only be done by professional exorcists.  <<We'd really be in a mess then!

3. The Sons of God came down and mated with the (Genesis 6:1)

other angelic beings on earth.  <<I was contemplating the Borg!
a figure of speech meaning, all of us.  <<You know, some people believe this without reading Job chapter 10 first!
goats, cattle and sheep.  <<Well, the price they are paying for this, no comment!
the woman of the earth, cause they were pretty.  <<Correct answer, yes they were so fair, they left there heavenly abode to mate with them. Cover your heads, more will return in the final days!

4. The Sons of God, including all of us and Satan, at one time, all (Job 10:1)

sang together.  <<Correct answer, yes millenia ago, we all sang together as one big family in the first earth age.
danced together.  <<Of course we did this to, but it's not writen, only singing is.
walked to and fro on the earth.  <<When Satan did this, it was this 2nd earth age that we read about, in Jobs lifetime. 
drank wine.  <<Man! I can't wait!

5. Genesis chapter 6 says, giants, mighty men of renown, these giants were (Kings 1:26-28)

the off spring of the Sons of God, drowning in Noah's flood
ate cattle and people and knew of the first earth age
slept in beds 33 feet tall by 11 feet wide
all of the above  <<Correct answer, 1/2 natural, 1/2 supernatural beings, with knowledge of the first eath age. Bloated bodies, dieing in Noahs flood, no pedigre of Noah, these 33 foot tall dudes ate everything. In Ez, it explains the type or similar vehicles there fathers traveled to earth with. The end time will be like the time of Noah. This first tribulation must come first!

6. As for the parable of the fig tree, God commanded (Mark 13 Mathew 24)

it to wither on the vine. (YOU BETER NOT HAVE GOT THIS ANSWER)
just another figure of speech
it to grow into a burning bush (Your confusing Moses)
you must all learn it  <<Correct answer, not maybe, or maybe some day, but you MUST KNOW the Parable of the fig tree.

7. Which is the true CONCEPTION date of Jesus, "God with us" defacto on earth? (John leapt in the womb!)

Dec 24th or 25th  <<Correct answer a look up deal.
March 24th or 25th
June 24th or 25th
Sept 24th or 25th

8. Judas, realizing that Jesus would not save Himself from Pilot and the Crucifixion (Acts 1)

Hung himself on a tree to end his life. (You know, I spent most of my life believing this, till I read Acts chapter 1)
Was cut from groin to neck and placed on a tree  <<Correct answer, you don't think they wanted Judas, spreading around, who really betrayed Chirst, do you? They shut him up! Like the man who shot himself 25 times with a 12 shot bolt rifle. Of course, we know, after he cut all his guts out, he tyed a knot, found a tree and then hung himself! Maybe he had breakfast too! Gee's!
Defended Jesus before Pilot. (Actually, if he wasn't tied up, I believe he would have come to the rescue, but that would be against Gods over all plan. So maybe, gets you thinking huh?
Threw 40 pieces of silver at the High Priests (Well, 30, you might have fell for this)

9. To be "BORN AGAIN" as explained by John means (John)

born in the new Heaven age. (You must have never opened a bible)
to be Baptized. (In a sense yes, but thats not the actual translation)
to find a Minister to make you a born again Christian. (Don't get me wrong, converted Kenites, are one of Gods double Blessings people! They deserve all the joy and happiness the Holy Spirit grants them, but not the answer here.)
born from above  <<Correct answer, this is what the fall'in angels sin was, refusing to be born threw woman. This upset Gods plan. Not being born from above, threw the bag of water threw the womb, instead, mating with the woman on the earth, leaving there heavenly abode, as Jude states.

10. Whether it be another man or an angel, if he preach another gospel, let him be (Acts)

accursed, damned by God.  <<Correct answer and true translation, reverse damned and God and thats the ACTUAL translation. I been wanting to do this for years!
enlightened to his fullest.
have engulfed the scriptures first.
of Good News. (Again, confusing, but, why would anyone ever want to change the GOOD NEWS of, Christ has died, Christ has risin, Christ will come again? I mean, lets face it, He died for our sins. He overcame and took deaths sting away! Enjoy the Good News!)
Merry Christmas everybody! 2003

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