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Lou Who's Ringlink provides the tools you need to run a ring of websites, i.e. a system of links between websites of similar contents. It makes use of the program Ringlink.

If you wish to set up a ring using Lou Who's Ringlink, you are assumed to be familiar with the ring concept before you start. The Ringlink FAQ Site provides answers to some of the questions that may arise, and useful general help about setting up and running a ring of websites can be found here.

Please post any suggestions or requests for help to the Ringlink Mailing List. Postings to the list are archived here.

If you have questions specifically related to the tools at Lou Who's Ringlink, feel free to contact the administrator.

The core links

Add new ring

Add new site

Site admin
For webmasters to edit their site info and get their customized HTML code.

Ring admin
For ringmasters to edit or customize their ring, activate/deactivate sites etc. You can also access the "Site admin" menu within "Ring admin".

These are some useful strings for a ringmaster to put up in links at the ring homepage:

Add new site

Get HTML code / Edit site

Random site in ring

List sites in ring


For the time being there is no complete description of the program, but there are a few ways to get the idea as well as get help with miscellaneous details.

A quick way to acquaint yourself with how the program works is to review the installation at this site. You are recommended to

Lou Who's Webringlink provides the tools you need to run a ring of websites, i.e. a system of links between websites of similar contents. It makes use of the program Webringlink.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Webringlink FAQ Site is the primary resource to get help with using Webringlink. Thanks, to KC, for setting up and maintaining the FAQ site.

Webringlink Systems Directory

At the Webringlink Systems Directory you find links to examples of real Webringlink rings. Thanks, Fred, for setting up and maintaining the directory.

Webringlink Mailing List

If you don't find the answer by consulting the FAQ site or studying other rings, you are encouraged to post your question to the Webringlink Mailing List.

Other useful resources

The mailing list webringhost@louwho.com is the principal independent forum for the ring community to discuss various matters related to rings and ring systems.

Webringlink characteristics

The listpage

When you list sites in a ring, it appears as if the ring has no beginning or end. If you include a site ID when you call the list.pl file, like you do when you click "List" on a site's navigation bar, the list begins with the site of the stated site ID; otherwise it begins with a random site. This means that you avoid any concentration of ring traffic to the "first" sites in the ring.

Separate URL for the page with the HTML code

A webmaster can register both a "Site entry URL" and a "HTML code URL". The first URL is the location to which ring traffic is directed, while the second location is the page with the HTML code. This makes it possible to let the validity checker do its work, even if the HTML code is not located at the same page as the one to which the ring visitors are directed.

The ringmaster can save customized settings for
  • the HTML code,
  • the page shown when a new site has been added,
  • the message sent to the webmaster when a new site has been added,
  • the comment preceding the code at the page where the webmasters can get their customized HTML code.


Kewl Sites




Special Final Thanks

The Free Source Code
Webringlink is
  • a CGI Perl program that provides the tools necessary to build and run rings of websites,
  • free software under the GNU General Public License.

Besides Pearl 5, the real hero's are, Copyright (C) 2000  Version 1.12 released November 25, 2000. Free Pearl Scripts .com for the source code download release.

Now you might just casually glance by this. But if you have been as frustrated as me trying to use that YoHo stuff. That make you wait a month to add you to their webring. Or to ever add a user, You know what I'm talking about! 

Still source code always free, please download the script from them, since I'm first getting started here. I have no downloads available. Redesigned and rebuilt and added. Soon fonts and headers and footers. Man I have a lot planed with no time. 

Copyright (C) 2001 Lou Who.com

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