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The Auction is free, Usually, the servers, (mine or my) banners would be plastered all over the place, as a form of click thru revenue, when the bidding gets slow. But it is free and going to stay that way with no banner interference, (Banner Free meaning No Banners) To Sign - UP... Click "New Registration" above. it will ask you to insert a user name and password from you, Then, check your email, you will be emailed a new user name and password immediately. Log in with the new ones. Then click "Post New Item", to place an item up for bid, it will walk you threw it. Such as price, time in, bottm high price ect, Then tell your friends where it's at. You will be mailed an email when someone bids on it, and or informed 10 mins before the auction closes. You can set for 1 day or 14 days. One person will supply something to bid and set up the shipping and payment, required when posting something up for bid. (You will notice the walk thru when you post something) If you post something by mistake, let me know e-mail and I'll delete it. The bidder or buyer, in good concience, offers a bid for it. Whoever has the highest bid before the end of the Auction, pays the bidder from the terms set up at the beginning of the bidding. (Besides, it is against state and federal law for either side to reneg) So when offering up something for bidding, it is important to enter the lowest amount you want, the highest you will take, and how many of them you have, and how long the bidding goes on, and payment and shipping terms all in advance when submitting a product. I am merly the provider of the auction site, to make sure all of the above works and runs smothely. Most auctions charge 10% for this and 10% extra, as insurance to procecute either party for negligence. Which almost never happens because all info entered is verified. So any fraud would permenantly ban any activities to either party. The search engines will not have it posted in the top 10 for about 6 more weeks, cause they are lagging behind. Let me know if you have additional questions or problems.

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