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   Above are some photo's associated with the book "Hippie Daze". Honorable Dr, Lou Who's first book and auto biography about the `60s. See the cover here. Read page 24 here. Dr. Lou Who has written nine books so far and is getting ready to publish a few more. You can read a few pages from the book "Subliminal Dejavue" here. The book has 4 pages of pictures at it's center. A few more pictures are added on this page site for the avid reader who needs a visual. The book starts out in the beginning of the `50s and ends in 1980. The sequel, soon to be released, will cover the remaining years too the present. I will add more photo's as they become available. Read some of the reviews here or write one here. If you would like to comment to me online so other people can read it. Enter your opinions here. All comments are welcomed. Like 72 year old Uncle Wally who wrote me, "You wrote a book and it's interesting". Read of him in the book. Buy the book here, tell me what you think. You won't regret it and you will definitely enjoy the `60s. Relive the memories you can't remember.

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