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    Do you have, "Eyes to see and ears to hear"? Some questions are on the third level, meaning, if you made it here, you are interested enough to dig further in your Fathers Word. If you get something wrong or do not understand the answer, put it on a shelf and visit the absolute best teacher of our time. Pastor Arnold Murray, linked below off the Shepherds Chapel. 

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    I hope you enjoyed the bible quiz!
    This will be an ongoing project of all of us.
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    1st) off, on challenges to the quiz...
    this is not a try to know more, or try to out do each other. This is just to see how indept you are, to your Fathers word. Any off the wall ideas that your faith will be shaken is upsurd! This is merely a stimulas for your brain to dig deeper into the letter your Father has wrote to you!

    2nd) Proof! as for you who...
    Want proof there is a GOD?
    If I told you, I could give you a link for ETERNAL life without end. For never dieing! For getting a new body! For living time without end, for ever. To never hunger or thirst again. For always having a roof over your head and food on your table. For never having to suffer any major disease's. For having your children, never to want? For the other hundred plus other promises? For getting rich, both here and life ever after! "For your treasure is where your heart is!" (KJV) Is it here? How about having it both ways? Here and now, and in life ever after? What would it be worth to you? Come on! Give it up! What could you seriously offer me if I could prove to you beyond any shadow of a doubt, there is a God? Would you go for it? "Would it be worth something to you laddy?" (I Miss Mc Coy Star Trek) Is there someone you miss? Is there any chance? If I gave you the tools and taught you, fast and simply, the meat to understanding, and the know how, to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt, there is a God. To give you all these things and eternal life. Will you really go for it? Do you have time to read, even a few verses? (CLICK HERE) Come back when ready. This month, thee ENTIRE APOCRYPHA. (with Gods help, I rewrote this is a one line text delimiter in one day, almost 600+ pages around 10,000 verses). In the KJV Bible, it tells you, in ONE verse, HOW TO PROVE THERE IS A GOD. God places ONE condition to this promise. The Promise that He will Prove Himself to you herewith! In fact, for you non believers, I believe you won't even have the guts to call God and to PROVE Him. And probably the other 1/2 of you will read it, and not read it, and wonder, huh? Dah? Whats that mean? And for the true believers of the faith, you will simply REFUSE to even try one simple thing God asks to prove Himself!

    But for you true believers! Are you ready? Well know that, just like Abraham learned it from his father, I will now give you the secret proof, there is a GOD, (by the way, this is how ABRAHAM proved there's a GOD) and you can do it to! By simply reading it and acting on it, and before you can say jack rabbit, you'll learn how to prove and will finnally prove to yourself, that there truely is a GOD! Ready? Read and do and follow carefully the instructions in Malachi chapter 3 verse 10 and you will have proved there is a God! Want it wrote out for you? Here it is!

    Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in mine house, and prove me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it.

    See the BOLD print? Do it! Prove there is a God! And get so much, you couldn't begin to hold or contain it!

    Took me a month! But there is absolutly no doubt in my mind now! Try it! Read it, do it! And SEE THE RESULTS! When? Where? How? and Why? Well read on my friend! Trying to say it's Old Testament? You have heard the words of Jesus? "Haven't you ever read"? or "Concerning the thithes, these things, yeah ought to have done"! Oh sure, I can spell it out! When you say? Think you know it's now! Where to? Think you know who just pointed this out to you! How? Think you know what a thithe is, thats a 1/10th. Prove there is a God, by the blessing poured out on you! One simple verse in the Bible, can make you richer then your wildest dreams. If you truely want to follow Gods word, and put Him to the test, and get filthy rich in blessings you can not hold or contain. Well then, do it Gods way, and Prove Him now already! How long you say? Well if the thithe is for a week or a month, add all your extra spending play money, or money you get after taxes, not after bills, and give a tenth. If you have nothing left, well, (I know plenty of BROKE people, all NON-THITHERS) you already have holes in your bag (KJV) cause you never gave. If you have no money left after bills, give a little portion of what you can spare so you are not without. Look at the woman who gave 2 mites. More then all the thithes! Cause it was her tenth. Monthly is the simplest fashion. But DO NOT over give! God does not want it. He blessed it to you!

    For you, who have read and understand, click the donation link below. For those who want to give a donation or anything to keep up maintainance and the good works of the site, and Random Bible Verses, and more quiz questions, and or to keep the meat fresh here in His StoreHouse or for what ever similar reason. If you haven't read, or received any inlightenment, DO NOT give here. Give only to the one who has taught you. Give only to the one where you get your meat! The truth to Gods word. If you have read the Bible Quiz, or visited the Random Bible Verses and recieved all your teachings there for the week or the month, and nowhere else and have been felt compeled to PROVE GOD! Here is your chance. 10% not a penny more. Give only the extra. The extra blessings God has given you for the month, 10% of that. Food Stamps, Disability, Welfare, is NOT considered Thithe-able to God. Ask your Father, He will guide you. As always, we are not begers. I personally care less either way. I know there is a God! I proved Him. So if you are first starting out, or get all your Spiritual needs here. The link below is for your convienience only!

    You are welcome,
    to make these donations!
    God Bless!
    ~Honorable Dr Lou Who

    And DO NOT be SUPRISED if God pours you out a Blessing you can not recieve all of it, or bags to hold it all!

    So do not put holes in your bag by ignoring this! Enjoy!
    ~Honorable Dr Lou Who

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    Which may also be included from above if you understand the concept! So Prove there is a GOD! Also... Purchases of my Book or CD or Wall Murals or other items off of http://www.lindalousgifts.com Will count! The proceeds will all go to me, and you know where it goes from there! Or didn't you read?

    To help others out. To help us out. To keep coming to you. Any amount accepted.

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    38:7 And Er, Judah's firstborn, was wicked in the sight of the LORD; and the LORD slew him.

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