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  • 1. WARM-UP: Jesus called the Pharisees and High Priests? (Luke)

    Moe, Larry and Curly
    Egg heads
    Crack pots
    Bone heads

    2. In Genesis 9:21 Ham saw the nakedness of his father Noah, meaning? (Leviticus 18:8)

    Noah got drunk and took off his clothes
    They had to cover Ham with clothes
    Ham slept with his fathers wife
    He wasn't nude, just drunk

    3. God spoke to Job from out of the whirlwind. The word whirlwind is a? (Job)

    Paused hurricane
    Noun, ship or vehicle or material object
    Adjective, conjunction or column of smoke
    Verb, a whirling wind or mini tornado

    4. God formed "Thee Man, Adam" from the dust of the ground on what day? (Genesis 2:7)

    5th day
    6th day
    7th day
    8th day

    5. In On the 40th day of Pentecost, before the Ascension into Heaven, the Apostles and Jesus? (John 21:9)

    Were huddled in a secret room.
    Went to Rome with Peter.
    Went to the Temple with thousands of followers.
    Were having a Bar-B-Q breakfast of fish and bread.

    6. Jesus tracing the lineage of some of the crowd, proclaimed their true father by seed as? ( John 8:44)

    The devil
    Adam and Eve
    The 6th day creation

    7. Which book of the bible contains the story of the Rapture?

    Exodus pre tells of the Rapture Theory
    Mathew and Mark say we'll be Raptured in a cloud
    Found throughout the New Testament as the Elect will Rapture out of the way of Anti-Christ
    Rapture is not found anywhere in the Bible

    8. Cain took a wife from the land of Nod. She was a?

    5th day creation
    6th day creation
    7th day creation
    8th day creation

    9. For the "Very Elect" left behind when the 2nd coming begins, God wish we would? (Luke 12:49)

    Get the fire a little kindled for Him
    We'll be taken away in the Rapture
    Come out of hiding from the 4 winds
    Have a big banquette started

    10. The tribulation of Anti-Christ?" (Matthew 24 Mark 13)

    Must come first before the 2nd coming of Christ
    Is the 6th vial the 6th seal the 6th trump
    Will be like the time of Noah, mating with fallen Angels
    All of the above

    I hope you enjoyed my bible quiz!
    This will be an ongoing project of mine.

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