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Enter Chess Games Here!


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Welcome, This game is live online. Just enter link above (CHESS GAMES ONLY). For chess with chat click (2nd link). For browsers without frames support, (3rd & 1st from top link). Makes a seperate chat window if your browser does not support frames. Then click the chess piece to make a chess window. This will give you a seperate chess window and a seperate chat window. Otherwise, enter chess with chat, or plain chess only (CLICK CHESS PIECE) above not to chat, and (enable java for pop ups - disable java for no pop ups) pop up form is disabled now.
Be certain to have an opponent ready, and your all set.

Put your piece's stationary position in the first box. Then where you want that piece to go, in the second box, enter a password, then click "Submit". If you entered a password on the first move, continue using it for each sequential move. Otherwise the entire game can be played without the use of any passwords. Their are 999 boards available. I will try to keep one (OPEN) for you and whoever. Please E-mail me if you need an extra board, or their are none left (OPEN). You and your friends are welcome to play on (OPEN) boards.
You and your friends are welcome to chat anytime!

If you want names posted at the board of play, or to be e-mailed when your opponent moves, send me board number, color of e-mail address to be notified per player and game, and I will add it. For chat names, any alias is fine. E-mail addresses are never given out to anyone for any reason, (EXCEPT to notify your oponent of your move). I do not even add it to the newsletter list. That you have to do yourself. You also have to notify me if you want to be e-mailed oponents moves, CLICK HERE!
Enjoy Honorable Dr Lou Who

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