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Welcome, Just enter above and (disable java, found on next page) if you like.
Be certain to have an opponent ready, and your all set.
(Their is no need to fill out form below, unless to)...

E-mail opponents, the CGI script automatically, for thee entire game,
will do this for you automatically. Just fill this out ONCE and forget it. This is for a slower game
and when they or you move,
you & they
will be notified back, e-mail instantly after every move.
Remember, fill out once, the CGI remembers and automatically
e-mails the opponent & you!

Fill out only once, per game board!

Your Name:     What they call you, "handle" or how to be known during the game.
Opponents Name::     Do Not Leave Blank!

Your E-Mail:    E-Mail Address to be notified immediately after the opponent moves.
Opponents E-Mail:
    Do Not Leave Blank!

Please first have an opponent ready to play.

Your Board #:  Which board number you are playing, required along with "Your Color".

Your Color:   White    Black               


Passwords for game can only be submitted on the first move. This sets the password for every move afterward. If you do not enter one, you must play the entire game without one. Enter password next to move. 

You can also fill out the e-mail for you to receive an "E-mail immediately after every move" but this is not necessary.

Your e-mail is kept private and not used in any other fashion except for immediate response to moves. Place your piece color in the box above and you will be notified automatically by e-mail when your opponent moves.

 This game is live online. If you want to chat.

Once inside the chess game! You can disable Java if you wish! Click which Board number to enter! Sign in for chat. The 2nd message you post will reveal your name.

Put your piece's stationary position in the first box. Then where you want that piece to go, in the second box, then click "Submit". If you entered a password on the first move, continue using it for each sequential move. Otherwise the entire game can be played without the use of any passwords.

Their are 99 boards available. I will try to keep one open for you and whoever. Please E-mail me if you need an extra board.

You and your friends are welcome to play on open boards.

You and your friends are welcome to chat anytime!

Enjoy Honorable Dr Lou Who

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