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My associate web sites, starting with my RAWG.COM web site below. There are over 70+ website custom designs of mine, all being displayed to you on my rotating banners below. They are linked within here and in their pages. They are all, made and designed and updated and maintained by yours truely. With a lot of help of course! For those of you who don't have a webpage, get the fun, fast and FREE way to create, design, build and make your own web homepage. No html knowledge required! Just click FREE Web Page! To make you a web site or redesign your present one, or add on CGI and other functions. Please fill out the order form, to contact you for a FREE Consultation.  To evaluate your developmental needs. To see samples and prices, click "Design" from my associate site, RawG.com. Latest page is in php 4 extension and has a configurable calendar. To see what date you were born on click here. But as with .asp and Win NT, they can be hacked or virus prone. Thats why ALL my web sites and associate made sites are Linus on Apachie. Always virus free!

New associate sites are Rock.LongMusic.com and Random Bible Verses.com which are complete web sites. Next, newest associate site for sale, has a temp redirect, and is a catchy name for a G rate singles dating site. View the online singles off All American Pimp.com ... Like that name? Couldn't resist it. No, it's really not a pimping service, it's a dating singles site. With over 10,000 actual singles from around the world. Includes affiliate sign up links for webmasters. Next latest addition is the site TownHouseAuto.com and includes a year search and shopping cart with an email submission form to specific vehicles in stock. A payment rate calculator. Also a pix uploading feature on the Visitors Guestbook. Sign up for the NewsLetter to find out more.

Within this site, see the great dog Molly! Send a Lou Who greeting card! If you have a web site, join the webrings. Even be your own master to your site at RingDing.org webring without advertisements. Play live online chess game boards. Play "Concentration" game. Even chat with friends. Do you want free advertising? Submit on the free classified your product or service. Looking for a Christian date? Or just penpals? Look no further! Just enter your info or reply to someone listed their. Do you want to sell or auction off something?

Archived Pages here. New repost from 3 New Years's ago. Read my Philosophies click here. This page downloads for me in 0.2 of a second. Yours can too, for just penny's more! Join the Newsletter monthly magazine for these and other tips. Draft the BOSS Bruce Springsteen for Senator, vote! All questions for help with your site, go on the  message board, anytime. To make this your homepage, click link above or even "Book Mark" this site, meaning "Add to Favorites" to see the fancy icon in your browser. Add your site to the 100 Links List". Listen to Led Zeppelin music. Everything here unless stated other, is mostly GNP General Public License, unless specified other. Click to E-Mail Honorable Dr Lou Who webmaster. Member login page for great stuff, you must be a member and login here! And by all means, sign my Visitors Guestbook. Besides placing your banner their in html, you can now upload a 60x60 pix next to your entry. If it's good, it won't get edited! lol  

  d  RawG      REAL     AZIMUTH    WEB    GRAPHICS 

    Free homepage! Need a website. We can get you up and running in less then 24 hours usual time. MLM, CGI, Cart, Gifts, Store, no problem. RawG.com will design and maintain a site for you, from start to finish. You do nothing except request anything you desire. We can do it! So if you just don't have the time to build that dynamite knock out website. Or need a business site. Or just a web presence in the community. Get started today, to see your dreams of tomorrow!
CLICK THE RAWG.COM LOGO! Get started now!

Samples of just a few of the websites currently live online, that we made and designed and host.



Linda Lous Gifts ~ www.lindalousgifts.com
Free shipping and handling USA, pay only price shown. All kinds of gifts for around the house. Has a nice "Dream List" where you can add what gifts you like and send the URL to several friends. They then delete the item when someone orders it, theirfore no one gets the same gift. Gift wrapping available. Secure 128 bit SSL. This is what a web store with shopping cart looks like!



Nature Coast Guide ~ www.naturecoastguide.com
This site is a must for various establishments along US 19 North of Tampa. You get a free webpage with advertisement. 40 new pages being added soon. Sign up for your free page. Get your top spot now!



Random Bible Verses ~ www.randombibleverses.com
Random Bible Verses is a new verse of the Bible generated every 20 seconds. King James Version, all the old and new testaments, chapter by chapter, verse by verse, line by line, according to Isaiah.



Honorable Dr Lou Who ~ www.LouWho.com
This is a personal fan site created by yours truly! This site has over 450+ pages with 4,039 hyperlinks. Don't forget to fill out the Guestbook form! (This is NOT what free web space looks like). Just to view all the CGI scripts and all the pages would take you 2 weeks!



You Can Do It Murals ~ www.YouCanDoItMurals.com
This site focuses on childrens walls. A nice 21 page site. This site has a nice order form, go get a wall mural.



Hippie Daze: Recovery Knights ~ www.hippiedaze.com
A nice one page site of the new bestseller book by Honorable Dr Lou Who. With links to read about about the book, and a secures 128 bit SSL order form with credit card or PayPal. With more links to view and order from Amazon.com and Barnes and Nobles website`s.



Florida`s American Photographers Association ~ www.flapa.net
A small 8 page site with tons of photo`s. Net photographers joining together. Enter the monthly photo contest. Submit your photo to be number one.



The Mountain, The City, The River, The People ~ www.tlapa.org
A nice 8 page .org site with the history and human rights of a smaill town 120 west of Mexico city. the tracings of their origin. The bitter strugle to keep it alive. Configurable add on notes of what your opinion is.



Slapa me Free E-Mail and Virus Warnings ~ www.Slapa.com
This site focuses on Free E-Mail and Virus Warnings. A nice 2 page site. This site has a nice Free E-mail sign up form. Recieve and send E-mail right off the site's page. Get the latest up to the minute, Virus Warnings. Search the web. Go get your Slapa.



Raw Quality Products ~ http://rawq.hypermart.net
This site focuses on the Product Industry. A nice 5 page site. It contains advertising banners from pay per click thru sites. Or simply for a nice local buisness site.


  d   Pricing   Also a Request Form off my RawG website! 

Real Azmuth Web Graphics .:. rates

Hosting packages start at $40, and range to $500 per month.
Pricing based on designs, pages, programs and extra's. Please fill out the form for a quote.

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