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Sent: 11/4/2003 8:36:31 PM
Name: Katie
Subject: Bible Quiz
Location: Portland OR, USA


#7 the rapture is explained in revelations. So this is incorrect.

7. Which book of the bible contains the story of the Rapture?
Exodus pre tells of the Rapture Theory No, not here
Mathew and Mark say we'll be Raptured in a cloud No, not here
Found throughout the New Testament as the Elect will Rapture out of the way of Anti-Christ No, not here
Rapture is not found anywhere in the Bible Correct answer, not found anywhere.

Hi Katie,
You'll have to show me chapter and verse, it's not there. Never has been, never will. Get your stongs or any concordance out, and you'll see.
As for the Rapture Theory, which the sick fevered woman and the 2 preachers with her in the 1800's thought it was a good money making deal.
She latter repented and said it was evil inspired to mislead ppl, but by that time, next 100 years, ppl love misleading Gods children.
No it's not there, I'd like to know what your referring to, and did you break it back a few verses higher to get the subject and object?

From: Ora Sent: 10/26/2003 4:52:18 PM
Subject: dinner
What time is dinner

Hi Bill,
Anytime, come on over!   CLICK HERE lol You eat that extra piece yet?

From: Chuck Sent: 10/23/2003 6:20:06 AM
Subject: Fw: Free Energy, Psitronics Group Systems International Robert Paul LeBreton
Hey Lou, what is you take on this? I have a friend that I consider to be a bit of a nut who is always gathering up stuff like this. Do you know anything about it, or maybe can find out?
Subject: Free Energy, Psitronics Group Systems International Robert Paul LeBreton
Hi, For one, the pic on the left is a 2 hp briggs and stratten WATER PUMP. The photo on the right is a 2200 watt HONDA Generator with a 5 hp motor. Neither photo is A PROTO TYPE as claimed. Secret location so he does not get hunted down and shot for scaming ppl. 3rd, magnets turn electricity, electricity turns magnets, your electric bill has a gas balance ratio, meaning it cost the same to buy a generator with gas power to run your house as a gas bill for generating electricity. Worked out 15 years ago. As for harnessing light to turn magnets, yes it can be done with about 3 ounces of plutonium for about $40,000,000 an ounce or 1/8 of a billion dollars to run your house.

Sent: 10/18/2003 9:00:01 PM
Subject: Re: subj: test
Fixed Perfect and running fast like a scorched "road runner". Thank you so very much, Genius. I am very appreciative. Chuck.

> > From: Stephen Date: 10/17/2003 2:13:43 AM
> Subject: FW: PayPal Electronic Funds Transfer >
> Hi Lou.
> I finally got Paypal up and running again. I transferred $100. from my
> checking to paypal. I could not see any way to do a cash out of Credit
Hi Stevie,
When you finish setting up your ebay page, you add it to the search, thus in a few weeks, that particular page or pages you are selling things, goes out on ALL the search engines when they type that particular keyword you entered, for what they are looking for. The great part about it all is the affiliate links.

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