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  21. 1974 Christmas Photo

Here are some pages on this site.

  1. Super banner

  2. Super banners

  3. Book signing photo

  4. Sister Brenda's Jokes

  5. Cyber Camera

  6. Cool1

  7. Cool2

  8. Cool5

  9. Daughter Dawn's jokes

  10. Super index

  11. Java Script in Action

  12. KC Daze College Writings

  13. Links To My Friends Sites

  14. Super main

  15. Music

  16. Openings

  17. Super photo's

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  19. 60`s Hippy Quiz

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Here is a list of some of my websites I made, with lots of other different pages I made to keep you well informed.
  1. Virtualave site
  2. Geocities site
  3. Fortunecity site
  4. HipWeb1000 site X
  5. Bike FX site
  6. ICQ site
  7. Infoseek site
  8. Switchboard site
  9. Xoom Yamchops site
  10. Xoom Dr. Lou site
  11. Xoom Chess site
  12. Veronica site X
  13. Webjump site
  14. Yahoo site

These are the best web site's I've seen. I highly recommend them for your viewing enjoyment and entertainment.

  1. Pastor Murry
  2. Son Brian's new site
  3. Daughter Denali's
  4. Son Brian's
  5. KC's Daze
  6. Amazon Books
  7. Virtual Acid Trip
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