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   Many people ask me what the future holds in store for them. Many people are quite surprised to realize their future is filled with new surprises. In my new book, "Hippie Daze-Recovery Knights". I go into great detail to reveal future events, that will take place with me and others. Our world is full of surprises and wonders. When you order my new book below, specify that you would like a free reading of what your future destiny holds in store for you. You will not be disappointed. Also tell me just a little bit about yourself as so I can get a feeling from your orb. This is just a small reading but it is well worth the cost of the book alone. For larger more intense readings, much time is spent on absorption of free electrons. So for the cost of an additional $50. Your life will be revealed! But first you must do all 3 steps below, before sending anything extra. You must be completely satisfied with the smaller reading wrote on the back pages inside your ordered copy of the book "Hippie Daze" and order the music CD by "LONG", "Almost There". Here's how!

1} Simply order one copy of my book "Hippie Daze" off this link Click Here !
Enter 1 to add to the cart.

2} Next, click onto the "MUSIC" links there and order the new CD by the rock group "LONG" off the link there in music or here Click Here !
and add also to your cart. Then complete secure order with your credit card.

It will be a grand total of $31.90 USD, both added to cart.

3} Finally send me an e-mail off my e-mail page, specifying exactly what you would like to know about your future! You must do this within 24 hours of your order above. Please include as much as you can about yourself and surroundings and whats involved.
After I receive your payment, I will send out a copy of my book, which you should have within a few days. Please allow an extra few days to receive the music CD.

You will receive a specific page or 2, near the inside back pages of your copy of the book "Hippie Daze", about your known future to the best of the Spirit guides allowable. Absolutely added FREE! Also you can kick back and enjoy reading my book "Hippie Daze" while hearing all the great new music created by some of the artists portrayed in the book! You will get an insight on me, Lou Who, and your personal guide to your future, and how I am able to ascertain for you, some of the events that are to happen in your future.

Again, for larger more intense readings, first, you must completely satisify above! And be completely satisfied with above!

Enjoy! And Thank You!

See you in the next earth age.

~Honorable Dr. Lou Who


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