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Honorable Dr Lou Who's  "Hippie Daze" (book graphic)  or  "Hippy Daze Web Ring" (Smiley Faces)   
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Below is advanced code. (Not for beginners use)


The rings owned and maintained, by yours truly. Below are some suggestions. If you have a nicer one, go for it! In fact, show me and I might adopt it to the ring and will give you and your site the credit!                         

1)Step One

Copy and paste this code to the site page you want people to see it on... Highlight it with your mouse and copy it to your note pad. Then copy from your note pad, directly to your html page, or editor. Insert somewhere after the <BODY> tag.

This is an HTMLfragment to be pasted at the bottom 
of your webpage for the Hippy Daze the Webring WebRing. It is what 
links you to the rest of the ring. :) After you insert this, you need to sign up and edit to your spec's.

Then copy the smilely and background here, "smile10.jpg" and "happyfaceTP.gif"
and insert it into the same folder as your page you have the webring code on.
Feeling ambitious? But not needed. Just edit your html like...


simply replace the red text with your sites name in place of the louwho.com 

Right Mouse click, then save to your folder, then your site.


2)Step Two

Then click onto  join my "Hippy Daze the Webring" (Click Here)
Fill out the form completely and submit. Now go back to edit your newly added html code.

After you paste on YOUR HTML PAGE, EDIT! First replace my name Lou Who with yours. Now place your own Email address in place of mine!

You will get an ID #

NOW! Don't forget to go back and  insert your new I.D. # in the 4 places on the html code. Mine is #1 just delete the # 1 and add your # given to you at sign up. 

And Have Fun ... or Customize anyway you like!

Enjoy the increased traffic.

What it will look like: 

To Join MY Webring Click Here!
This Hippy Daze the Webring site owned by Lou Who.
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