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   Hello! This is Honorable Dr. Lou Who,

       Many of you wonder why I have not written much lately up till now. Guess I've been very busy. I personally hope you find the many pages of text and photo's very interesting. My ultimate goal is to propagate my new book and the books to come. Although I am an Author and writer, seems I don't do much writing except in books.

Besides drive truck, and preach and read from the Bible at Bible study. I also am a True Gypsy. Meaning it's in the blood. I am of Gypsy decent, third generation born in this country. I do have crystal balls and a Gypsy tea room. I do charge for telling your fortune threw e mail which I'll be posting notation on the subject soon.

In the mean time, buy my book so I can afford all these upgrades to better serve you. And I don't mean for dinner.

   Below are many links to help you get started on your way, and yes, just like my book, it's so interesting you can't put it down. Do you ever feel like you can't get around to finishing something? Isn't it nice to have something and want something so bad, that you have to wait? Then to come back to it, to finish all the pages and sites? Then order my new book "Hippie Daze" and get started.

If you are a good web browser, you will also find my link on this page to geocities, which also has a link to "Subliminal De-javue". Yea still a 7th book I'm working on.

Say do you want to invest in a worthy project? or if you just won the lottery, or have to find a tax write off. Just click below. Now get started.

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