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CeZzA's CoOl HoMEpAgE
Hi and welcome to my homepage! I hope you enjoy it!

Hi Im Cerianne (aka Cezza)! Welcome to my homepage! Hi to all my friends who are looking at this site!
About me!
Name: Cerianne
Age: 13
D.O.B: 26/09/91
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Brown
Best mates: Sophie J, Sophie S.T, Cassie W, Ellis R, Whitney J, Hayley K, Bethan T, Becky H! ETC! (i have loads) lol
Hobbies: Playing hockey, football, basketball, hanging out wiv my mates!
My Fave Music!
> Over and Over - Nelly
> Toy Soldiers - Eminem
> Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani

Other Places to go:

Doll website

Email: Cerianne

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