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Hi Friends!!! Below you will find links to some very useful sites relating to us, the furry people.

Books you might want to read:
1. Something having to do with an alternative to showering your feline friend when she/he doesn't want to. (Surely there is something out there like that... isn't there?)
2. A book which goes into detail about a feline's taste buds going crazy over tuna and thus should be fed tuna ALLWAYS!!!
3. A book which explains that felines and pills just result in opposite forces that work together like two magnets opposing each other 'till everyone is injured... (or something like that...!)

1. It is better to be a Lover than a Fighter. (You are guaranteed more beauty sleep that way.)
2. You should have short and long term goals AND reach them, like mine, which I have listed below:
Short Term Goal: Be cute so I can get more tuna.
Long Term Goal: Be cute so I can get more tuna.
Both Short and Long Term Goal: Get more beauty sleep and be cute so I can get more tuna.

Other Places to go:

Understand your pet's malease (includes extensive list of symptoms).
Low Cost and FREE Spay/Neuter Programs in the USA. (Listed by State.)
Cat Classifieds for listing and adopting a furry friend. (Based out of Arizona)

Email: Fluffy

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