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The next big thing
Its all about me tehe

Hey whats up yall my name is Hazel Davis and I from NY but I am currently livin in the ATL I have so many friends but the ones I love the most are: Carissa, Astin,Deanna,Bre, Trey, Gretchen, LuAn, Vicky, Tori, Erica, Taylor, Garison,Katlyn, Chris, Jessi, Matt, Sam, another Sam, Kingslea,Amy,Nick, and Steph.people say I can be bitchy and talk about them but I only do that if they are talking crap about me behind my back, or about my friends. My school is way to full of Drama. I like to shop at abercrombie, Hollister, Aeropostale, South Pole and of course Wal-mart.
I like to go to millpond mannor and skatebord with my friends, I like to dance and go to partys in my neighborhood, I Cheerlead and run track 4 my school I love my parents they are my heros.
I want to be just like Ciara when I grow up.
and just remember spend all u want cuz its your daddys card !


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