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My own3rz @ BABE.
If U d0nt lyk m@ @ttitud3 G3t ov3r it!!!

Hey my names Jacinta. i love typin and stuff like that just what heaps of pepolp like doing just sitn down and not doin nefink just relasing and stuff.
Name: jacinta Kim Warman
Nick name: Jay
Birth Date: 22nd July
Hobbies: Shoping,drawing,hangin with m8s,sleeping and playing sport.
Sports i play:Touch rugby,Netball,Softball,squash,Swimming,tennis.
Fav colour:Baby Blue and Pink
Skool:Rangiora High (Goon)
M8z: Jasmine(14),Karloz(16),Patrice(14),Deanna(16),Stacey(14),Adelle(14),Manda(14),Josh(160,Arlo(17),Ben.b.(15),Blair(14),Blake(16),Briggles(18),B3cky(15),Chantelle(14),Christaina(14),Dalas(18),daniel(16),Danni(15),Danniella(16),Doc(15),Emily(14),Emma(14),Fraser(17),Gemma(14),Holly(14),Holli(14),Jermey(16),jack(14),Jacob(14),James(15),Jamie(15),Jarrod(14),Jason(15),Jesse(15),Jess(14),Jono(16),Jordan(14)Josiphine(14),Caesy(15),Karl(14),Karlsey(15),Katie(15),Kayla(15),Koren(17),Leah(14),Majoury(14),Makayla(15),Matt(15),Mirsa(14),and lots moer just cant be bothered writing them all down.


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