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My Life
Heather Lopez

Hey, My name Heather Lopez. This is my homepage.. it is basically about me nd whats going on in my life. You came e-mail me and i will post your stuff on my page. If you have any problems and you e-mail me about them, then i will try to help!! I will post a few poems here and there also.
The letter I'll never send
Would calmly ask you why
You broke my heart in two
And told my love good-bye.
If I ever sent this letter
It would sweetly state
You tangled up you destiny
And interupted fate.
The letter I will not write
Would casually inquire
How can you live without me
I was your one desire?
If you recieve this letter
It would politely say
You need me in your if now
You can't go on this way.
The letter I'll never send
Would then be briskly signed
"Your one and only LOVE"
You know the one you left behind.
Thats it for now but be free to e-mail me anytime to get some more info on this site!!


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