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^^WeLcOmE ...wIpE yOuR pAwS^^
~Mak3 yourself @t home~

Ice Cream * Sweet Dreams
Late Nights * Water Fights
A Suntan * A Game Plan
Sleeping In * Sneaking Out
Feet in Sand * Drink in Hand
...all I want is .. *Summer*

This Summer Break I'm gonna have fun
Wearing flip flops, and chillin in the sun
Forget about school, and just be crazy
Wake up in the afternoon, and just be lazy
Get sand in between my toes
Summer Break '05 *aNyThInG g0eS*

P.S. Have fun in the sun and get laid in the shade! Have an AwSuM sUmMeR everybodyyy!*!*!

Sunburn got you down? Well then just remember what Usher said, "Let it burn, Let it burn, Gotta let it burn"
I know this ain't much of a pagee, but when summers over I'll be back to work on it........stay kewl ;D and just remember GOD loves all ye lil children <3333


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