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Shorty's Page
hope u like it

Hey! Welcome to my homepage. For all of you that don't know me which u should , my name is Julia Short. I'm 13 years old. I play on tha W.C.M.S gurlz softball team. My # is 33. My best friend in tha World is Shanna Mcgee. Well hope u enjoy my site ttul!
Here's my friends list!!!
~Shanna Mcgee~
~Briana Emberton~
~Paige Scott~
~Britany Peters~
~Amber Sigler~
~Mary S.~
~Sarah Bumbalough~
~Logan Sparkman~
~Jessica Stanage~
~Crystal Holland~
~Stephanie Patat~
~Nakia Manus~
~Stephanie Guth~
~Tosha Stoglin~
~Brianna Stoglin~
~Jessica Wilson~
~Macee Henry~
~Aubry Sims~
~Logan Hodge~
~Logan Holder~
~Kayla Prater~
~Chelsea Duke~
~Sam Widener~
~Ashley Guth~
~Brittany Gregg~
~Miya Teeples~
~Katelyn Kirby~
~Cathy Johnson~
~Brittany Hickey~
~Brianna Hickey~
~Misty Reiver~
~Montana Lee~
~Aaron Murray~
~Zach Miller~
~Britton Smith~
~Aaron Masters~
~DJ Cunningham~
~Tysen Luna~
~Zach Pippin~
~Jared Davis~
~Jacob Spivey~
~JJ Taylor~
~Josh Brown~
~Bryce Pullum~
~Jake Yoger~
~Zack Yoger~
~Matt Brown~
~Shane Poston~
~Dustin Davis~
~Dustin Howell~
~Addison M.~

If I Forgot To Add u on My list just Holla at me!! LOL

Softball Schedule
March 17-Celina @ Celina @ 5:00
March 24-Coffee Co.@ Coffee Co. @ 5:00 DH
March 28-Mcminnville @ Mcminnville @ 5:00 DH
March 29-Dekalb @ Dekalb @ 4:30 DH
April 1- Avery Trace @ Sparta @ 4:30 DH
April 7-Baxter @ Sparta @ 5:30
April 8-Tullahoma @ Sparta @ 5:30
April 11-Coffee Co.@Sparta@ 5:00 DH
April 12-Burks @ Burks @ 4:30 DH
April 15-Avery Trace @ Avery Trace@ 4:30 DH
April 18-Algood @ Algood @ 4:30 DH
April 19-Westwood @ Westwood @ 5:30 DH
April 21-Dekalb @ Sparta @ 4:30 DH
April 25-Burks @ Sparta @ 4:30 DH
April 28- Baxter @ Baxter @ 5:30
May 2-Mcminnville @ Sparta @ 5:00 DH
May 3-Tullahoma @ Tullahoma @ 5:00 DH
May 6-Celina @ Sparta @ 5:00

Other Places to go:

Email: Julia Short (Shorty)

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