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Mayday Lewis
Rubbish Page

Hullo, welcome to Mayday Lewis Rubbish Page. We got bored just having a myspace account and a website so here's something else. It's just full of random rubbish about us really.
The band are:
Richard Foote-Guitar/Vocals
Graham Cheesman-Drums
Tommy Moz-Bass/Vocals
Sean Roach-Guitar/Vocals
We are trying to play fun yet interesting rock music that finds itself somewhere between punk and indy.
We are very silly. But nice.
American tour booked! 6 August- 5 September. WE SHALL ROCK.
For anyone in Chester we are thinking of having a short tour of as many venues in chester as possible when we get back because it'll probably be the only time we shall have to do extensive shows. Plus we'll be on a high from US tour.
the photos tell the tale.

Other Places to go:

Myspace account, with some songs
Our website with lyrics and all the rest.

Email: RichFoote

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