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Making it through life!
Not taking life to seirously! Not like im goin to make it out alive!

Hey! My name is Trisha and my b-day is 3-14-86, I have blonde hair, blue eyes, im 5'5'' and about 120 lbs. I have been with my boyfriend Trevor sense 9-16-03! Most of the time you can find me either, Hanging out with my friends, family, & trevor, listening to music like Nelly, Usher Alicia Keys & ALL country artist! Shopping, Going to the beach, Sleeping, and soon in the fall i will be studying a lot! In the fall * 2005 * i will be attending Mott Community college working on getting my degree in child care! Well i guess thats me.. sorry if i seem boring! But i love my life! Love Always~

* Living my life 1 day at a time! *

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