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My personal web page
Hi I am Kenny

Well this is my personal web page all about me how exiting! Well I find that if I am to write about myself I will do more than just talk about the trivial crap of life I will Just tell u what I have learned through the stupid thins I have done how to get through them so life can be easier on u and everyone around u hopefully this will help u and all the people around u so here we go this could be long heheÖ

I was born two months premature and very small as u can imagine I have been told that I could be held in the palm of a single hand amazing isnít it? That I lived is the real amazing part. That whole being alive thing gets to me I mean why am I here and what to do I wanna be great but I know not what that something is sometimes I am just lacking the faith to blindly believe I was put here it could very well have been an accident we evolved to this point or ever some freak of nature. I state these things because it is what really ultimately drove me in and out of trouble this search for self satisfaction of this age old problem with seemingly no answer. Anyway after I was born I was force fed for months by my mom ohh and I had a forehead like Frankenstein. When I was three my parents were divorced and my momís new boyfriend was a guy named Scott Pinson and good god was he a grumpy surly guy sometimes all throughout my child the reoccurring effect of his lack of patience was shown not that he is a bad father figure or an uncaring one just that it would have been a little easier for us all had he not been so severe and strict when I was younger and well there is nothing that can be said for it other that he is the king of the roost despite what u may think and he will stay there through force if necessary. My mom was infatuated with him but not to the point that she forgot about me and she has always wanted whatís best for me and I realize this now a little late but I believe I can still make a difference in her life so I will try to make it better before I screw up again well that covers them some what any other conclusions can be drawn from my story.

Well for about one and a half maybe two years I lived on Duncan planes on the outskirts of Johnstown this is very vague besides the fact I liked my next door neighbor she was about my age and very cute oh and I played Mario a lot. After that we moved to kroton and my mom got pregnant she had my little brother in the natural time minus one month so he was premature also but u know thatís ok cause he is fin if a little brain damaged Just kidding oh and that does really get to me also. I mean it is hard to imagine what it would be like to have such a limited span of attention memory but they do I believe have the greatest compassion to love and this is what really makes me feel bad for them they can be so nice or mean dependant upon how they are treated and if treated right they are the nicest people alive ummÖ anyway. Well during that time I went to school and tried to run away once in first grade and well it turned out stupid all I did was go to a friends house instead of school and they had the day off and allowed me to come in and play after a few minutes of me convincing him it was ok and his mom might I add. So after that my mom was called and was there rather fast all over my butt ohh well thatís just the start of my troublesome years and well it was downhill from here. I had ran away because my mom and dad were fighting a lot, I couldnít make em stop and it was getting worse and worse. Also when I was younger my I had a very hard expressing myself and still do grrrr If only I could say what lies in my heart when it counts but no I hold it up inside afraid to show people that side of me because of the rejection that follows but then again the person that is denied the most leaves it knowing he/she did all that they could. So I guess I will try to fix that. Anyway after two years in Croton I moved away to Mount Vernon with my grandma because my parents were having more trouble getting along my mom came too by the way. There I stayed about three months where I wasnít getting along with others well because I had a lot of repressed feelings and problems although I had two girlfriends at once there and it was awesome because they knew about it. I was an idiot though because once when one of them kissed me I told on her how moronic. Anyway fast forward a few years and you find me back in Johnstown I had always moved back and forth from there and it was the perpetuating base structure of my life so I was most comfortable there although I have never really felt at home anywhere in my life probably because I moved around so much as a child. Anyhow during this time period lets say I am a fifth grader. This was the year that the big troubles began all up to this point had been childish kiddy crap and now it had evolved into something else I was very violent mean and hate full with many violent outbursts I got suspended expelled went to a psychiatrists and ultimately went to a school designed for kids like me with my own little cubicle and no choice in where I went who I sat by and what I did. After that I cleaned up my act by doing a lot of things I stopped doing most drugs and smoked a lot less like once or twice a month. Well since then I have been pretty good besides getting kicked out of my house but I moved back in and things have actually settled down.


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