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By His Stripes We Are Healed

Dont Take Away My Hope...
Just what do you Do...when you can not Do?
And what do you Try...when you can not Try?
Who stops to Listen..when nobody Cares?
And who will be There..when nobody Hears?
Don't think I'm so Strong; When I see it's all Wrong,
Cause my HOPE is all I'm hanging On~
Can we all find our Way...when we don't stop to Pray?
Or even hold Hands...without peace in our Lands?
Don't take away my HOPE, Cause its all I've got Left change things with!!
People? How can we the Land Of The Free;
When we all want to live...but Don't want to Give?
And we lack all respect...for the meaning of Life-
Giving into our flesh...when we know it's not right!
Oh..LORD we need you; to deliver us through,
Been waiting for courage;have tried to look up-
Who can COPE?..without HOPE?..Now?...TODAY?
Leanne Denise Hendley
(published in weekend edition special
..section after the 911 in oc-register)

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