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Autoer - The REAL Runescape Hack!
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Autoer is the best hacking tool for Runescape in this world. What can you do with it?

- Edit your stats! (you can automatically change your stats (only goes up to 75 for now!))
- God Mode! (never get damage from attacks)
- Armor Upgrader (upgrade all armor, free! change full bronze to FULL RUNE. Change FULL RUNE to FULL DRAGON!)
- Auto Fighter (levels you while you sleep, also picks up GP or any item you want)
- Auto Miner (raises your mining level, then drops the ores, or puts them in the bank! I make 1 million a day - while I'm at work!)
- Auto Runner (runs agility courses OVER and OVER)
- Money editor (the newest option to Autoer, it let's you give yourself up to 1 million each month)
- Much more!

All my levels are soooo freaking high now thanks to my very own program. It also has made me riiiich!

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