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BeC aNd LyZz

hello and wukom to our homeboy page
we are delighted you have chosen to visit our humble
webpage... plz feel free to have a look around even though
there isnt anything to look at we just did this coz we got
bored... lots of love
bec and lyzz
we thought our page was a little boring so we have decided
to add a few little bits.......
u cant shizzle wid out da dizzle ma nizzle 4 rizzle
yesterdays history tomoros mystery todays a GIFT!
allan and james...GODDAMN!!!
get out the crayolas and colour me horny red.... those two
are fukn fine ass niggaz!!!! we will add photos soon....
so gurlz keep your pants on...
guys well get picz of our hot girlfriends so keep your pants on too
well these big bottys have to bounce so we're outtie catch youz up peace niggaz.......

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