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Runescape Greatest Page
#1 As of now

This is a runescape fansite! It will give you tips and money making solutions! Firstly, NO Runescape haters! If you dont like Runescape dont bother to read further! LEAVE IF YOU DONT LIKE RUNESCAPE!

Runescape money making is easy when you have high level skills. Woddcutting or WC is an easy way, train your WC level to either 30 or 60. If you want money faster, train it to 60. Level 60 WC is Yew trees. Yew tress sell from 250gp-300gp PER YEW! If you get 1k of Yews, you'll get from 250k-300k!
Another way is Smithing. If you get your Smithing to 49, you can make steel plate bodies, which sell 1k each! 1k of steel plates is 1mil!! So get your mining to 30 or 15. If you get your mining to 15, you can mine Iron ore, which is important. If you get your mining to 15 ONLY then you should buy coal to make steel bars. Make sure you can smith steel bars before you buy the coal. ALSO you can buy steel bars alone! BUT they sell for 500 each! 50 steel bars is a total of 25k! Your trying to make money so I suggest NOT to buy steel bars!
There is one for players who like to kill things and have high levels but they arent good with smithing, mining, WC...etc. PK is THE BEST WAY to get money and good items. PK means player kill for those who dont know.To PK you must go in to the "wildy." BE AWARE: OTHER PLAYERS CAN ATTACK YOU IN THE WILDY! But, this is the best way for warriors.



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