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I look at her,
Laying in her bed,
Contentment fills my heart as I see her serenity,
She looks so peaceful.
Slowly, I motion toward her,
With every step needing her more and more.
I crawl in behind her
And softly I put my hand at her side.
Gently, I kiss her cheek,
Then rub my lips down along the side of her neck,
Back and fourth, Back and fourth.
I put my arms around her as she turns into me.
I look at her,
Still so calm, So tranquil.
I kiss her forehead softly,
Then her cheek.
Finally I awaken her,
Kissing her tender lips.
I raise my hand and caress her face,
Beginning at her forehead and ending at her chin.
Once again I kiss her,
Wrapping my arms around her,
Lifting her with me as I slowly sit up.
Calmly, I gather her hair behind her,
Rubbing my cheek against hers,
Kissing her neck.
As I lift my head back I look into her eyes,
The love I feel inside is reflected back at me.
Gently, I embrace her,
Holding her close to my heart.
Softly, I bring her head to mine,
Faintly whispering the only words that come to mind,
"I love you."


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