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The Oreo & The Bandy
WE know we r sexi, we say it all the time....

Hey my name our name is Lexi and Courtney...
LIl' bOuT Lexi:
My name is Alexis I'm 13 i live in florida and i like punk rock music. I am funny and nice. My bff is courtney (no duh) and I love a good time.
LIl' bOuT Court:
I'm funny and i'm 13 also. I live in boa and i'm in band.. I know gay but hey were all cool.. I am an kick ass musician and if u don't like it go kiss my pale ass.. Ur fat lol j/k
lOvE The hotties in black and white....
The oreo and the bandy...


Other Places to go:

my xanga site and myspace site.-Lexi

Email: Lexi and courtney

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