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Lily's Web page
have fun and knock yourself out kiddo!

Hey eveyone! Ok, I've tried making websites before and I've failed miserably so I'm actually gunna try to make this one snazzy!
Umm...let's see...this is a HAPPY place...get that? A HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY PLACE!! There shall be no moping around or being depressed or having suicidal thoughts while on my web page! Anyone who knows me in the least bit knows that I'm always happy and that I'll laugh at I'm hoping that with this web page a little bit of that will rub off on you so you can be almost as happy as me (you can't be AS happy as me...but you can try!)
Ok well, enjoy yourself...and I'll ttyl! Oh...btw...If you're on here, you're probably one of my friends so just be aware that I love you more then anything in the world and I'm never ever ever gunna let you go! <3


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