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Welcome to the L.P.R.S.
Lombard Paranormal Research Society

The lombard paranormal research society is a group of teens helping you out with paranormal activity. We work through out summer from 2pm-10pm. Our job is the investigate locations in Lombard, Villa park, and Glen Ellyn. The LPRS knows many ways how to find paranormal activity, we learned our ways buy reading several books and learning from the best ghost hunters in the U.S., T.A.P.S and by watching ghost hunters. If you need help e-mail me or call me from (630)-629-7840 and ask for Adam.

Things you need for paranormal investigations=

1. Video Camera

2. Voice Recorder

3. Digital Camera

4. Notepad

5. Flashlight

Facts on how to be succesful=

1. Never go ghost hunting alone.

2. Be silent or you'll scare the spirit.

3. Close all windows and blinds.

4. When doing EVP talk silently.

Other Places to go:

T.A.P.S. website
ghost website

Email: Adam

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