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here are sum hints for diablo 2 and lod(lord of destruction)

1.)if u die hit esc and go to save and exit then u the next time u play u will start in town and ur corpse will be right beside ur stash.

2.)if u play on battle net u will gain experience faster if u r in a goup

3.)if u play on battle net u will not be ableto kill or be killed by other players until u are lvl9.

4.)if u want to get rich fast u will want to play on battle net and be under lvl9 and follow ppl around in fites and when they die take there money b 4 the other players do.the other players wont beable to kill u if u lvl9 or under.

5.)if u play single player and dont want to create a new charecter on battle other multiplayer and then click open battle net.
6if u dont get a good item fro a boss hit esc and save and exit then kill it over and over and u will get very good me my bro is lvl39 and he has a defence 31 sash and he didnt get it unil act 4.and when i was in act 1 i kept killin the blood raven and got a defence 30 sash and a bunch of good items for my lvl.i was only lvl 5 when i got the sash so my bro got P****ed at me.

6.)if u want hacks for diablo got to but i dont hack cuz im not a pussy that has to use cheats to beet a game

helpfull things u should kno

Count Draynor - Garlic (needs to be in inventory)
does 10hp of damage to draynor

Santa Hat
Kill high level monsters such as White Knight, Ice Giants, etc. on December 25.

Halloween Mask
Kill high level monsters such as White Knight, Ice Giants, etc. on October 31. There are three different colors.

runescape font colors
@ran@ Flashing Rainbow colors
@red@ Red
@lre@ Light Red
@cya@ Cyan
@gre@ Green
@bla@ Black
@blu@ Blue
@whi@ White
@ora@ Orange
@mag@ Magenta
@dre@ Dark Red
@gr1@ Yellow Green
@gr2@ Yellow Green
@gr3@ Yellow Green (These three really are different!)
@or1@ Yellow Orange
@or2@ Pumpkin Orange
@or3@ Dark Orange
Types of Bones To Bury for Experience;
Bones - 4 exp
Burnt Bones - 4 exp (members)
Wolf Bones 4.5 exp (members)
Bat Bones - 5 exp (members)
Big Bones - 15 exp
Jogre Bones - 22.5 exp (members)
Baby Blue Dragon Bones - 30 exp (Members)
Ghasts - 30 exp (members)
Dragon Bones - 60 exp (members)
Prayer Spells;
Level 1 - Thick Skin (Raises defence by 5%)
Level 4 - Burst of Strength (Raises strength by 5%)
Level 7 - Clarity of Thought (Raises attack by 5%)
Level 10 - Rock Skin (Raises defence by 10%)
level 13 - Super Human Strength (Raises strength by 10%)
Level 16 - Improved Reflexes (Raises your attack by 10%)
Level 19 - Rapid Restore (2 Times faster restore rate of all stats except hits)
Level 22 - Rapid Heal (2 times faster hit point restore)
Level 25 - Protect Item (Keep one extra item if you die)
Level 28 - Steel Skin (Raises defence by 15%)
Level 31 - Ultimate Strength (Raises strength by 15%)
Level 34 - Incredible Reflexes (Raises attack by 15%)
Level 37 - Protect from Magic (Other players still do some damage)
Level 40 - Protect from Missles (Other players still do some damage)
Level 43 - Protect from Melee (Other players still do some damage)
RS Slang rating: 5.00/5.00
10K = 10,000. Can Be Different, 100K = 100,000
ADDY = Adamantite
AMMY = Amulet
BAX= Battle Axe
EMMY = Emeralds
ESSENCE = Rune Essence
HELM = Helmet
LOBBY = Lobsters
MITH = Mithril
PICK = Pickaxe
PL8 BODY = The Plate (Chest Part) of armor
R2H = Rune 2 handed sword
SAPPHY = Sapphire
SCIMMY = Schimitar
STR POTS = Strength Potions
SWORDIES = Swordfish
TALLY = A Talisman for runecrafting
ATK = Attack
ALCH = Alchemy
ARDY = Ardougne
DEF = Defence
EDGY = Edgeville
F2P = Free to play/Non-Member
FALLY = Falador
GREATERS = Greater Demons
HOBBIES = Hobgoblins
JAGEX = The Company That Made Runescape
KBD = King Black Dragon
LESSERS = Lesser Demons
LUMBY = Lumbridge
LVL = Level
MAGE = Magician
MOSSIES = Moss Giants
P2P = Pay to play/Member
PKER = Player who kills people for a sport
PURE = Player that specializes in one thing
QP = Quest Points
RS = Runescape
STR = Strength
WC = Woodcutting
WILDY = Wilderness
CHOOB = High Level Acting Like A Newb
NEWB = Newbie (New Person)
NOOB = Stupid And Annoying person
OWNED = Won Easily
PWNED = Baddest Version But PW Is Blocked
WTF = What The *bleep*
WTH = What The Hell
AFC = Away From Computer
AFK = Away From Keyboard
ASAP = As Soon As Possible
B4N = Bye For Now
BC = Because
BBL = Be Back Later
BBS = Be Back Soon
BRB = Be Right Back
BRT = Be Right There
BTW = By The Way
FFS = For God Sakes (I Have No Idea Where The "G" Went)
FYI = For Your Information
GJ = Good Job
GL = Good Luck
GN = Good Night
GRATZ = Congratulations
GTG/G2G = Got To Go
IMO = In My Opinion
L8R = Later
LOL = Laugh Out Loud
LMAO = Laughing My A** Off
NFS = Not For Sale
NM = Not Much
NP = No Problem
NVM = Nevermind
OFC = Of Course
OMG = Oh My Goodness/Oh My God
PM = Private Message
PPL = People
RL = Real Life
ROFL = Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROFLMAO = Rolling On Floor Laughing My A** Off
SWP = Sorry Wrong Person
SYAL = See You All Later
SYL = See You Later
TBH = To Be Honest
TTFN = Ta Ta For Now (Winnie The Pooh)
TTYL = Talk To You Later
TYVM = Thank You Very Much
YVW = Your Very Welcome
W/E = What Ever
WTG = Way To Go

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