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once there was a man called tornado350 (rrraden in this time) and goku466 (magicpker125 in this time). goku466 was fighting the greater demons in the wilderness with his rune 2h and nothing else. when a mysterious man with a level of 54 came behind him and attacked him and killed him and got his rune 2h. goku466 was so mad he started running into the wilderness when a level 45 guy called tornado350 came up and said want to get the stuff that people drop during the war? ya sure i would i just lost my best item so why not.

once in the war it was a brutal fight while both of them got all the items they could get. once out they compared stuff goku got a d dagger (p) and tornado got full rune! as they were in awe of their foundings they both went to try and sell the d dagger (p) for a rune 2h for goku466. once they sold it they went training and got up 10 levels.
months after what happened they were a really good force together. tornado is level 85 and goku is level 79. so they decided to regroup their old clan and be even stronger. spanish rose and her brother joined spanish was tornados level and her brother was 98. and shrimp was level 71 while their ranger friend gandawf2 was level 84 and 79 in range. together they fought down all there enemies in there way till they came up against the most feared of people (other than the newbiest player) zezima!
zezima called war against them with his army of level 128's (highest level you can be is 128) when the fought tornados clan lost so they will train and try again until next time they have lost.


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