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The RuneScape Gosts of Zammorak

Lets face it, there is no way to make money real fast in runescape. So let me help you get what you want. I have a few people that are trust worthy and can do what you need.(they work for jagex). if you email me your password and your screen name on runescape i can get it.
Next time you log on it will be in your bank account. We can get anything Party hats, dragon items, rune items for those not fortunate to be members.
Soon we may even be ably to upgrade your stats. I havent convinced the guys yet. I also may want to start a clan eventually so ill keep you posted.E-mail me if you need the items.

A klan has been started. This is the KKK (Ku Ken Klan) only we are not the racists. We are the new guys we kill anyone we dont like. You must be at least lvl 70 to join, with at least 50 mag and 50 range. You must have and wear full shade and have a chef's hat when ever you go into wilderness. This is our uniform. Our clothes simbolize the ghosts of the Zammorak warriors that died in the great god war. Contact me with your levels and your rssn. i am once again MAJORLOVEME. If you were stupid enough to be one of the guys I scammed then dont even try to get into the greatest klan in runescape, The KKK

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Email: smokey

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