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Runescape cheats, hacks, and money!
everything you need to know

Hello! welcome to my site on runescape. There are many hackers out there getting all the money they want on runescape and I am one. I have played runescape for 11 years and Im finally quitting so ill tell you some secrets... but first you must read this.

I have recently decided to quit runescape for good, I have quit in the past but got back into the game, but this time is the final time. I am giving away all my money to anyone who wants it, this is not a scam I have done this last time i quit and it was very successful. I have 33m and alot of food and runes, I also have a few weapons and some armor sets. There is a 3m limit on the money I give out so that everyone can get a little, and only 1 item of there choice or armor set. Some of the sets include full rune, zammy, sara, karils, and dhoraks. Some wepons include most rune weps, 3 dds, 2 d longs, and a d skim, No whip anymore sorry. I am also giving away my lvl 112 account when all the money is gone but not until then. THIS IS NOT A SCAM, AND IF YOU THINK IT IS WELL THEN DONT EMAIL ME!!
email your username and pass to >> if you would like some money and or armor, wepons, or runes, there is a limited amount so get it while I still have it! thankyou.

again my email is
If you email me you should receive your money in 1 to 3 days.

Back to the cheats.. well honestly I cant tell you them, if everyone knew runescape wouldnt be able to work right, SORRY!


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