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*KiSsEd By An AnGeL*
always open 4 u

hey guys this is just a tribute to all my friends that love me so much not all of them do.haha can you believe it.of course you can specially you Josh haha and you Jay.if you umm love me enough as i know you all really do but as josh sez u just dont know it yet,take a look and yeah drop me a line if you can be bothered.notice how i always say haha and yeah a lot?bad huh!!!!when i say i love u in the individuals dnt be offended i love you all ure the best every single one of u.
im gonna start with............
Now you,you know i love ya heaps and i hope ya know that.i hope everything goes all good for you.where are you anyway?in some foreign country i know that much but i just wanna say thanks for being there for me babe when i needed someone to talk to and you said something about wanting me in bed we all know that cant happen its nots PC.haha its me that makes you wanna be straight yea?was that bullshit or u actually serious?babe you know i love ya always see ya when you get back.mwaaa
Jo Babe!!
Hey Jo babe i know i only just dropped you a line the other day on myspace and havent done it for awhile im real sorry just didnt get round to it but the main thing is that i did eventually right?yeah thats right babe you know its tru.Hey girl if u ever out my way come to my house ok we can go up to good man Josh Rio's nhe will show us how to party.its cool if you dont know who he is tho not "everyone" does.mwaa luv ya
Hey my band friend how are it cold down there in Vic?its kinda cold up here in QLD yeah.i havent talked to you for awhile well last night i did.or maybe not last night.i seriously wanna hear ur demo yeah when uve recorded it.thats what u were doing right? you know ive been waiting for it for years now haha how many is it?3 or 4?something like that anyway.i know its going to be good coz your band rocks haha get it!!that wasnt actually supposed to be a joke i was being always.anyway when im down ur ways im gona stop in 4 a chat :> yeah right im gonna hang with my mate yeah should be cool.cya soon luv ya mwaa
Nashun Nashun are really cool!nice word huh i used to love that word.anyway ive known you for like 5 years woah monster of a time lol youve been really good to me the whole time so yeah i appreciate it heaps.always n 4eva!!I hope you dont get your ass kicked in that tournament either i would come and watch but ya know i dont wanna see you like that not that you wont win or will.good luck and congratulations in advance!!! love ya mwaa
hey Sammy how is ya?hope you are gettin over ya toncilitis alright coz its not good when you're sick.its not good when anyones sick.i cant give you a hug to make you feel better but i would if i could ya know that.i was just talking to you not long ago and i miss ya already hehe.earlya you were saying that you didnt think my black and white picture on my myspace profile wasnt very good but i took it kindly.see im a nice person haha in ur face Josh.anyway sammy love ya mwaa
well its the one you all love haha yeah say i have an obsession with you but i dont really.actually you say a lot of things that i dont i gotta work because my talents arent as good as your skating talents.which really sucks coz well do you know how much i dont like working.actually you do.i tell you all the are my famous skater mate haha you should feel special.this guy hes the best ya'll should check out his profile on myspace well actually nah dont hes my famous friend.oh yeah one of my mates that lives in the states haha that rhymes umm has heard bout you Josh actually a lot of people i know have.its are from what i call my home country too NEW ZEALAND!!you are a do u spell that word?meh i dnt knw.NZ is the best place ever oh yeah and u like my man...TUPAC(r.i.p.)!he is another legend and i gotta get a copy of Ressurection from you coz my dads got mine.i am not a hater and i never married ya haha.the guy that invented the ipod is a hero but the two people Afeni Shakur and Mutulu who were involved with the most influential rap artist of all time's are heroes.have a good time in sydney and if you get credit while you are down there make sure you txt me.luv ya mwaaa
you are my new skater friend from the actual home town California.its not really a town is it?its more of a state.anyway i was just reading through your profile again and found more commonalities between time im back that way i will definitely drop you a visit.SF sounds like fun yeah we will go know where i am so send me back a message waiting to hear back from you.and just on the whole self esteem shit man i wont talk about it but keep ya head up and wait for my messages haha nah im kidding but have fun and dont feel like shit. luv ya mwaa
Well babe there aint much to say to you haha nah im kidding but i hope you are having fun on your holiday but you have to come back and see me coz im getting really bored without any chicks you know i dont have many chick friends round at the moment.i miss you heaps and heaps.well i do but they are all into shopping at the moment and you know how much i hate shopping at Josh like i told you im not pmsing.anyway bree baby get back to me when you can.dont do anything i wouldnt do alright?luv ya heaps mwaaa
eliarto.hows it?i havent talked to you for sooooo long only coz you are getting ready to it like stressful from what ive heard in the short times we have talked you have been stressed so i guess it is yeah?shit im dumb sometimes!i hope you are having fun with your german friend and i hope she is enjoying her stay in australia.when you leave for New York im goin to have to find a way to keep in touch with you hopefully by email or something or give me your number and shit and i can call you or something strange like that.dont forget me ;) i know you wont haha who would!!!im kidding by the way im not that stuck up.have fun in ya mwaa
for all you guys that havent realised Tupac is the greatest well in my mind he is.but to all you guys that i love so much take this in ok i am the one you love hahahahahahaha u must think im crazy but so wat maybe i either love me or you dont.your choice.not my loss though.
i found it i found it i found it!!!!!!!!!!for u guys that dont know what im talking about i was looking for my Tupac:Resurrection dvd and i couldnt find it coz my dad had it.i was stressin majorly coz like if i lost that i would like i dont know but it wouldnt be good.but anywayz i found it so now everything is good.josh remember when you get back i need your help.
ok well today is a bit of a shitty day so yeah oh well life goes not actually working today which is great coz i can just do what i please.i got up at 10:30 had a shower had brekkie watched tv and now going down the road to shoot some hoops.havent done that for a couple of is going to be great byt the end of the day.its amazing how fast things change yeah?
umm jay i heard from you yesterday sounds like your having lazing around by the pool and stuff,al the best in london and that kinda sux that i wont be hearin from ya for awhile but yeah maybe early january we can catch up after you come back sometime.should be are the guys checkin out where u r?i know they like you coz you are just stunnin haha in ya swimmers.who in the world calls them swimmers anyway?
umm sammy havent heard from you so moving on to nathan umm yeah didnt leave on good terms last night when i spoke to you so move on from there too.lets list the people i have nothing to say about coz i havent heard from them...sammy,nathan,jo,eL n dayne.that is a fair few.oh well its not yet the end of the world.
that leaves me with josh,will and bree and the others that i cant mention.josh umm u r in sydney at the moment wat a place to be how cool is that i think.skatin now doesnt that sound fun.i bet you are showin them what you are made of.oh no thats right u dont do that.damn im stupid.hope u have fun and damn it txt me when you get back we gota talk hahaha nah i just need your help il give you a call sometime next week maybe,wouldnt it be special if i called u on ya birthday lol yeah right.
and will well i actually havent heard from you in a couple of days but thats ok i know you are busy and i hope things are going alright with you know have to keep me updated coz i wana know how it goes coz you know we can talk about it,ive been thru the here for you when u need to talk and that goes for all of you and i know you all love talking to me even when i do annoy yaz.
bree im so jealous i wish i was where you are at the moment.but you still have to come are not supposed to buy toys babe unless ya know it is any kinda dildo ;) sorry to all you guys that do wanna know that but bree n i talk bout that kinda shit its interesting.i will see you soon,sooner rather than later.mwaaaa love ya.
oh someone i forgot last time was you shanz,sorry about have you been?actually i know you been good coz i taked to you the other shit am i?you wrote something for me on your webpage and i didnt on myne.dont be offended i still love ya.hows ya bf?hope he is he havin fun in the alps?do u know whats weird is that i still email you txt u n call u and u just live like around the corner from me in the same im layzeeeee.oh well haha i will probably see you soon coz we going to shoot some hoops.see ya soon babe love ya oh wait is your email addy still me know coz i havent seen you there for awhile.lata dayz
well thats all the updates for today coz well none of the rest of u have hit me back. lovez ya all keep checkin up for the updates.
18 July
this sux ive got the flu again.oh yeah and happy bday josh 4 well tomorrow i guess.nothing has really gone down cept jay is now in london and sounds like hes having fun with the english people. ok umm
like i said sounds like ur havin fun dont get too pissed,dont party too much and dont drink too much actually do,do all those things have fun and come back soon.although there is still heaps of months left till umm december.oh well i emailed you too so check it out i know how much you love my emails.and yeah talk to you ya mwaaa
hmm havent heard from you so yeah you must be really busy or something.drop me a comment when ya can k babe.ciao
its ya bday tomorrow man you are soo getting was ur trip to sydney?i dont even know when you are gettin back i havent heard from you in so long well since last wednesday.not even a whole doin alright without ya cept for the nights out.i aint got you no pressie eitha if u want one u gota c me on msn u might get it there.thats sounds dodge but it aint its totally innocent.i watched resurrection last night for like the millionth time and for some reason i cried i was like what am i doin.but yeah anyway all g,out!!!
well i had a bit of a run in with ur friend dave.i dont know why i opened my big mouth.i was talking to him and sed something and he got offended so yeah he hates me now.not sure bout the word hate coz i dont like that word but he sure doesnt like me much as a person.oh well im sorry about that though so yeah maybe you could tell him that.hope ur ok though and will talk to u soon.lata
u sammy i was just talking to and u said u were sick coz of rum n yellin lol ur funny.i hope u get better soon and good luck with that stuff ur gonna do to you soon.lata
hey i heard from you today it was cool.coz i hadnt heard from you in awhile.sounds like things arent too good though coz there isnt many things to do to pass the time away,i know how that feels big isnt the best thing in the world.i hope things look up for you and we will keep in know where i am if u need to talk.luv ya..
hey again you umm yup went partyin with you in friday was pretty cool but yeah we shouldnt have gone out.hope ur doin well and im lookin at u at my front door.haha funny that.i will talk to you when i open the ya babe.
well all the rest of u nice of ya to say hi.oh well il be back in a few days maybe laterz all.


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