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The knights of Saradomin
the friend and brother of The soldiers of Saradomin runescape clan

Welcome to the knights of saradomin clan! This clan is the brother and friend of The soldiers of saradomin clan for runescape. Anybody and any level may join when you join you will also be part of The soldiers of saradomin clan. If you wanna join you can e-mail me at or I shall then e-mail you a regestration e-mail and you copy it down also with answers on the last e-mail you give me to join!

Rules: you will try your best to protect our members of this clan and the members of the soldiers of saradomin, no teasing, no betrayel, no scamming and hacking, a good sport, and no joining of other clubs ( if you break the rules that is )
If you join i will e-mail you a copy of the stuff in this clan and what we do. i hope you join!

Other Places to go:


Email: e-mail me

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