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Welcome to runescaperocks!
wear you can talk or ask questians about runescape!

hey, whats up everyone! curently im a lvl 59 runescaper. if you e-mail me i will be happy to answer any questians i can about runescape, help you out when stuck, teach you how to make millions, and lots more so dont miss a chance to e-mail me!
i plan on posting any questians i get, but if you say so in your questian i will not.
i also have other acounts in runescape and am a bounty hunter(im payed to kill chars in the wild so if you dont like someone list the foloing:--------------
your runescape name:
bountys runescape name:
what they are(melee,mage,ranger):
their combat lvl:
how much you are willing to pay(payments must be made higher than minimum:lvl3-10:50k. lvl11-50:100k. lvl 50-123:200k. or up.
its a little expencive but its worth it add this name on your freinds list its my lower lvl charicter:snake7894561.

no bad language or porn pics are aloud!!!

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Email: garrett

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