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Meivazhi Salai
A Unique Place in the World

Meivazhi Salai is a unique place in Pudukottai district of Tamilnadu, southern part of India. This is the place where a man or woman would get rebirth whom considering and believing the True Guru Salai Andavar or Markanadhar or Maghadhi or Kalki as god. Attaining rebirth is the purpose of human life which is mentioned by all vedas, religions, sidhas, rishis, Munivar etc from the period of initial human life begining onwards. There are seven different life in nature i.e. Biota (All greeneries), water habitats, reptiles, Aves, Mammals, Humans and Devargal (Angels). Everybody know upto the first six forms (upto human being) but does not know much about the devargal which succeeds human life. In order to attain the angel life (everlasting infinity life or deathless life or Maranam illa peruvazhvu) all religions came and the enlightened person are keep on coming to earth in order to preach this message to humans and also shows the way to acheive this life. But no body listening them at the time of preaching, instead harasing them and getting the curse from them.

How can one identify that a person attained Devar (Angel) life or not. This can be identified at the time of death. After death those who attained next life i.e. Devar, his body will exibit the following symptoms.
1. sweating
2. No rigor mortis, body will be flexible
3. The skin color change into yellowish tint
4. One can feel nuckles in the joint
5. No discharges in all natural orifices
6. The body can drink the holy water
7. The warmness of the body
8. Reduction in body weight
9. No bad smell eminating from the body
10. No decomposition of the body after the burial

so in order to get these symptoms one should realize the purpose of life and take severe effort to achieve this by following the preaching of holiness MEIVAZHI SALAI ANDAVAR and understanding the Meivazhi vedas


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