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Armor Dragon's Lair
Welcome all mages,cooks,runecrafters,swordfighters,pick-pocketers,and masters of runescape!-Armored Dragon.

Welcome all to the number one runescape clan's website.Check out our awsome tips,and websites we have!Dont forget to e-mail me at the bottom of the page.(Click on email Armored Dragon)1.NEVER USE CHEATS YPU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU DO.2.Dont tell people your name,adress,phone number,ect.3.Always cary food.4.Stay away from Games660.Hope my tips help!E-mail me if you have any other better tips and tell me your opinions about my website.Also,be sure to visit and create an account.(Click create account)Then,say A.D.M. on the game and if anybody elsr says it back then they are a member to.


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Email: Armored Dragon

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