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Welcome to my world

~About Me~
Name: Michelle Scott
School: CFH
Nicknames: Shorty, Muchkin, Bubbles, etc.
Sex: Female
Age: 15 next year
Food: Pizza and Fries
Drink: Mountain Dew Pitch Black, Coke, and Frappuccino
Store: American Eagle, Journeys, Body Shop, Wet Seal, etc.
Music: Pop, Rap, Country,R&B, and some Rock
~Favorite Singers~
Pop: Jessica Simpson, Brittney Spears, and JoJo
Country: Faith Hill, Sarah Evans, and Tim McGraw
R&B: Usher
Other: Ashlee Simpson, Simple Plan, Good Charolette, and Ciara
I have so many friends so I can't count them all. So if I left u out let me know and I will put u on here as soon as I can. Lizzie, Tina, Mark, Ross, Robyn, Elissa, Megan, Lindsey, Valerie, Jessica, Bri, Blair, Chelsey, Kelly, Ashly, Chris, Jennifer, Sherri, Shana, Chase, Grace, Reba, Brittany, David, Jeff, Haley, Laurie, Cindi, Debbie, Sage, Keith, Richard, Heather, Sarah, Stephanie, Krystal, Morgan, Michelle, Kim, Kayla, Alex, Monica, Sam, Colby, Shawn, Eric, Arron, Chenelle, Holly, Michael, omg i have so many more i cant remember!!!! I love y all so don't change


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