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Its All About Me Babi
Whats poppin?

Whats really good? N2MH. Well I have been going to school and grew up with and became really good friends with the following people... I AM GLADE TO HAVE ALL OF YOU IN MY LIFE......

Here are my personal notes to everyone....
Amanda H.- Gurl you have been there for me from the beginning. I
You for that and want you to know that I am
always here for you and i will always be. No matter
whats happens you always have me on your side. You
never have to worry about me stabbing you in the
back I know how that feels. It sucks to think someone
is our real friend in then the next thing you know they
are taking your man or they are lying to you and doing
things begind your back. You believe them and then
they start to walk all over you. I WOULD NEVER DO
THAT... I love you like a sis... ;-)
Dennis C.- Hey my sexy thing whats goin on? N2MH. LOL. Ok well
we havent kown each other that long but I feel that we
can make something happen. Maybe that sounds weird
coming from someone you barley know but that is how I
feel. WEIRD right oh well I am not gonna lie. There is no
point in lying. I will always be honest with you and never
hurt you in any way. Please believe me when I say these
things. If nothing happens between us lets make sure
we are always friends.IIGHT homedawg....LOL...Your the

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