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My Poems
Jessica Milakis

These are just a few of poems that I have written over the years.
Many things inspire me to write and I wanted to share them with everyone! Hope you enjoy reading them!
I Love You
You're kissable and cuddly
You're lovable and sweet
You thrill me every minute
And sweep me off my feet.
You're charming and disarming
Desirable and true
You inspire and impress me
And that is why:

I love you and etc.
As I have never loved
You are the one, of all so far,
That I'm most certain of
I'll do anything, etc.
To keep your sweet brown eyes
And make you smile that smirk of yours
And still your lonely sighs.
You're the greatest and etc.
Guy I've ever met
Right now you are my heart and soul
Etcetra and etcet.

God Is Not Obsolete
The world would like to tell us
that God is not obsolete.
We dont need a Savior
to make our life complete.
The world would like to keep us
from God's word and his commands
So now a battle's raging
in our schools and in our lands.
For sin has somehow hardened
our hearts and minds of stone
We think that we can oversome
this battle on our own.
The only way we'll conquer
the sin and moral decay
Is in asking for God's forgiveness
and for his will today.

Underneath the surface
Beneath the skin
is where I hide
Locked Away
Hidden deep w/in myself are my
thought and memories
Of dreams of happier times.
Those days are in the past
The dreadful future lies ahead
My days full of joy and launghter
never seem to last.
Life used to seem so simple
Almost as black and white
But now my simple days are gone
And the black and white turned gray.
So here is where I hide
Here is where I'll stay
Hidden until my prayers are answered
Hidden here w/ my better days.

Upside Down
The world turned upside-down today
Much to my surprise
W/out one word of warning
Everything changed before my eyes.
The world turned upside-down today
All in the blink of an eye
An eye which many tears have shed
And all are tears I hide.
The world turned upside-down today
It watched me while I cried
The words, "Im leaving" ringing through my ears
An endless headache in my mind.
The worl turned upside-down today
And left me alone and blind
I see no sun.
No moon.
No stars.
Just black
And endless night.

Something must be wrong with me
W/ all this hurt inside
Always bursting w/ anger
and never any pride.
Something must be wrong w/ me
If all I do is cry
I can't stop this pain
All I want to do is die.
Something must be wrong w/ me
If my emotions run wild
All this confusion does
is make me fell like a lost child.
Something must be wrong w/ me
W/ all these terrible things
Always there and never gone
Depression is what it brings.
Something must be wrong w/ me
If I can't stop these thoughts
All this pain does
Is turn my stomach is knots.
Something must be wrong w/ me
When I think there is only one way out
"let this pain end"
Is all my heart can shout.

I Thought of You
I thought of you today
but that is nothing new.
I thought of you yesterday
and the day before that too.
For every day no matter where
In my heart you'll always be there.
Today, Tomorrow, My whole life through
I'll never stop loving you!

I search for my identity
In a swirling mist of colors
Torn b/w who I should be
and who I desire to become.
Surrounded by faces
All calling out in my direction
but all w/ a single tongue.
Should I take their future?
Or should I mold my own?
Shape myself into who I desire to be,
And not who others have created?

A mom makes a difference
In so many lovely ways
In the echo of her wise advice
And gentle words of praise.
In the sense of family closeness
And belonging that she gives
In the beautiful example
Of the caring life she lives.
A mom makes a difference
In the way she loves us so
In ways that others see
And ways that only we can know!

Warped and Twisted
Harsh words and violent blows
Hidden secrets nobody knows
Eyes are open, hands fisted
Deep inside Im warped and twisted.
So many tricks and so many lies
Too many whens and too many whys
Nobody's special, nobody's gifted
Im just me, warped and twisted.
Sleeping awake and choking on a dream
Listening loudly to a silent scream
Call my mind, the #'s unlisted
Lost in someone warped and twisted.
On my knees, alive but dead
Look at the invisable blood that I shed
Im not gone, my mind just drifted
Dont expect much, Im warped and twisted.
Burnt out, washed empty, and hollow
Today is just yesterday's tomorrow
The sun dried out, the ashes sifted
Im still here, still warped and twisted.

There is love down in my soul
Where faith and trust I do hold
Love that will stand forever more
That is what sisters were made for.
Together we've been through a lot
Caring not what others thought
We stood tall and held our ground
Foundation from mom kept us sound.
Now we've grown up and left the nest
The move we share is still the best
Nichole, I love you true
My thought often travel back to you!

Good Times
Lying in the hammock
Gazing into the night sky
Watching the moon as it passes me by.
Summer has come
School went by so fast
I think of the memories that we've shared in the past.
You girls are my best friends
I couldn't ask for anything more
And I can't wait for what else is in store.
But I wanted to thank you
For being a part of me
You've made my life complete and
shaped who Im going to be.
This year has been a blast
I couldn't ask for a better ending
Because I know our friendships will
be forever bending!
(Shelley, Hannah, Emily, and Kristin)

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