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Have Fun

Hey everyone:
If you are on my site the chances are that you know me. Anyways not much to say except have fun!
Shout outs to my friends>
Mandy,Amy,Chris,Bryce,Jenna,Keera,Kevin,Grant,Mike,Ryan,Kyle,KyleJ,Stephan,TravisP,Kayla,Vicki,Parvina,Nicki,Justine,Miles,Aaron,Ben,Troy,DC,Moon,Cody,Jaycee,Lance,TJ,Eric,Erin,Tyler,Krista,Geralee,Jez,TylerS and anyone else I may have forgotten.
Tonie>Uh im not wearing a shirt... AHHHH
Mandy>Collapsing in the toilet
Keera>Your ma MILF
Jenna>Hi my name is amanda and i am a pickle addict!
Dc>Wating at hitch hill for hours on end
Shauna>Almost falling off the playground
Chris>Keep in touch babe!
Vicki>Hugs and Kisses =BFF
Kayla>Chasing toy cars with scissors
Parvina>Surprise volleyball visit
Caity>Sneeking out and driving drunk
TravisP>She couldnt even walk!!!
Stephan>Its cause im black isnt it?!?!
Eric>I want a divorce!;)
All my other good times... well there are just too many to type!


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