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About Me*

My name is Katie, I'm 14 at this point in time, and I love bein' with people I care about and partyin' it up.
I love to have a good time. and I like music.. I mainly like metal, or hard rock, but I like some other stuff too.
I like music by : Slipknot, Metalllica, Dark Lotus, Bleeding Through, The Used, Sum 41, Blink 182, Punx, Chronic Future, Velvet Revolver, Guns & Roses, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, that good stuff. And I love bein' around my friends, cause their awesome.
Alex- Keep bein' dumb,cause it's great to not be alone! haha.BFF
Kayls- love you girly, pink princess power!!BFF
Gina- Hey Girl,keep bein' cool, cause, I'd never eat rice with anyone else ... :P love ya.BFF
Shannon- The Darkness rocks!! heres to our campin' days!! love ya.BFF
Mirs- Hey girl!! keep bein' cool! love ya.
Taylor- love ya.
Ash- Keep rockin' at basketball beset friends for life, homie!! love ya girl!BFF
Erin - hey girly, memberin' the old days always, miss you so much, love ya, girl.
Cora- I'm gonna miss you so much, shop partners for life!!
Cody - Your awesome. Stay cool.
Coty- be cool, slipknot kicks!
Marcus- Your awesome, can't wait for all the football games.
Kev.- your awesome, and funny as hell, can't wait to play basketball again, buddy!!
Craig- be good.
Ed- I don't wanna see were you hid your glasses!!haha, your cool.
Brandon A.- hey, here's to the good times.
Brandon N.- keep bein' sweet, I love ya.
Brandon E.- Your awesome, when am I comin' over again? I want some of that green juice I had last time, me & Kayls are skateboardin' down your steps!! lol. love ya.
Justin - I want those damn pencils!!
Tony- hey, good times, good times.
Kevin W.- You were cool.
Pat- Um...keep...well, bein' pat..
Missi- I miss you girly, can't wait to see you again. love ya, BFF
Amber - we don't talk much now, I lost your email address, but if you ever see this, I love ya girly! BFF
Matt - your the best cousin ever, I'm goin' to the party's with you when I come back down to Indiana, I love ya.
Mikeala - I don't think I'll ever learn how to spell your name...but your awesome.
Jeff - Best of luck, with, well, you know...haha.
Joe - sure, I get annoyed by you in band sometimes, but hey, your still awesome, we're playin' yatzee!! don't forget.
Kyle L- Thanks for takin' care of dustin for me on the bus, haha.
Dustin- I DID beat you in arm wrestling!! don't deny it!!
Tony D.- Hey, your cool, heres to science...too bad you can't copy my journal anymore..haha. sucker..j/k.
Robert- your annoyin' sometimes but, you let me use your sweatshirt, so, your cool.
Bill- HORSE MAN!! mr. Ed power for life buddy!! Red Hacker will be awesome this year, no doubt..."MOO!!" haha, love ya buddy!
Brian - You should never answer the door the way you did when I came over...but hey, you got good taste in movies , so I'll let it go.
Tony J. - Good times, but...lying never me, I know.. love ya for life, bud.
Lil' Jeff - my huggin' buddy.
Lil' Cody - stay cute, your awesome...but, don't show me those freaky pictures anymore...can't believe I fell for the second one..haha.
Tyler - your an awesome friend, and make me happy when I'm sad, with the song...haha. love ya.
Levi- stay cool. love ya.
Mick - you can be kinda...well, crazy sometimes, but your cool. Good job on them social studies papers...we did good.
Elisha - don't throw tamtrums in shop no more...haha.
Brad- Your cool. stay awesome.
Brad C. - haha, hope you get to be president...:)...peace out.
Bryan- your cool. stay that way.
Aaron - we never went cruzin' yet.
Zach - your awesome
Jimmy- I'm not mad at you no more :)
Fred- your cool...just...I don't know...stay that way...:)
Abby- Your soo
Jenny- YOUR AWESOME!! can't wait to party again!! lol.
Chelsea- I'm surprised Jenny's bird ain't dead yet from everything we feed it..haha.
I love ya'll, if I forgot anyone , i'm sorry, I'll add you in here whenever I can. and anyways...a little more bout me..haha, I love skateboardin', and snowboardin'...I hate posers.
I love playin' bass guitar...and I'm in a band...the name we havn't figured out yet..but rite now I'll call it 4 brunettes and a blonde. it's kinda cool.
Well, make sure ya'll check out all my other pages of this site, and make sure that you sign my guest book, thanks...and have fun with my site...
well, I'll probably be adding more onto my site later, so keep checkin' in, and leave any comments or recomendations in the guest book. thanks, love you all.
- Much Love - Katie Ann - xoxo.

Well, that was my home page, well, part of it anyways
If you want me to add anything, or if you think that I should change
anything, or have any comments, leave em' in the guest book.
thanks, much love. - Katie Ann - xoxo.

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