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Shanara A.k.A Mosey
Me,Myself,and I

Wut ^ yall, me um chillin tryin 2 keep my head out uv otha peoplez buizness, but damn people b all n my buizz and sh** so i cant help
it. N e wayz it been borin azz hell dez dayz and dez dumb dope azz niggaz dont kno when 2 quite. Az u can c all dey want iz 1 dang and u kno wut it iz cause i aint got tyme 2 explain, but i cant blaim em dey need da sh** unlike me um str8.I been wonderin wut my dayz go b like when i wake ^,datz if i wake ^, but dey been like all da otha 1nz cold & dark. Wonderin wut da world go b like 5 yearz 4rm now cause f*** um doin bad gradez down um all depressed and sh** go n through a lot uv changez u should kno how it feel 2 go 2 sleep thinkin u aint go wake ^ r thinkin dat yo dayz go end fast cause u aint doin da rite dang feelin cold & hungry even doe u have food and warmth thinkin dat u by yo self but got every 1, walkin n darkness but u really n light, waitin 2 b free but kno dat u already free, well now u kno how it feel 2 b me. Well uma holla at chu lata 1.

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